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April 2011
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1.  Pray for guidance and protection for pastors Maki and Okubo, the Funehiki Evangelical Church and the school staff at Wakakusa school.  Pray for protection and provision for the Japanese people affected by the recent tragic events.  Pray that the hearts of the people will be opened to the gospel.


There is still a need for more teachers for this program. this is a great opportunity to serve the Lord, Japanese students and your own growth process. If you have a college degree and would like more information or would like to apply go
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We finished our annual meetings and conference on April 9. The few comments we have heard were all very positive. We hope you will take time to email us and let us know how the conference served you and what we could do to make it better. We would love to share your thoughts here in the newsletter.  

Mark you calendar for next years conference NOW. It will be April 20-21, 2012. We don't want to think that far ahead, but unless we mark the date something will interfere.


Speaking of calendars - see the one at the end of the newsletter! 

 Vision Letter from Ned Berube

Dear friends,


I was deeply satisfied with our past conference on "How People Change" and I have heard sincere and grateful responses from many. The workshops were well received and the 3 that I attended were more than helpful. I thought Scott Pursley did excellent work in the 4 plenary talks he delivered. Thanks to all who gave and attended.


However, I would like to address the one critique that was offered during the weekend and do it with humility.


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News from the Churches


Pastors we would love to hear from you. If you have news, activities, or notes of special interest to the whole family send it to


Jason Hale and John Weis were ordained at Grace Christian Fellowship (Dayton, OH) on April 10. Along with the ordination several of the members were honored for their time and commitment to the church. Greg Weis (Presiding Elder), Ned Berube, Eric Myer, Rick Widener, Larry Trimbach, and Michelle Caldwell were a part of the morning. Congratulations, John and Jason. 



calendar imageARC Calendar of Events


June 12        Pentecost Sunday -                 ARC Sunday

June 13-16   AIR Brazil Conf. 

June 19-25   DTS (Registration) 

July 10-16    Cross Training Camp -                Girls

July 17-23    Cross Training Camp - Boys

Sept 30-Oct 1  Ohio Mini-Conference

Oct 3-4       MMC Fall Meeting (Tentative) 

Oct 14-15    MN/WI Mini-Conference

April 8, 2012 Easter

April 17-18    MMC

April 19        Assembly of Elders

April 20-12    Annual Conference