Fresh Fridays 
April 20, 2012 
Issue: IV No.8
Wrap It Up, Mediterranean-Style
Have you ever found yourself apologizing for a sandwich--saying something like "We just grabbed a sandwich on the way home," or " I'm only going to make sandwiches tonight?"

When you get into the habit of creating Mediterranean-style sandwiches, wraps and stuffed pita pockets, you'll quickly discover that they make dandy meals and need no excuses.

To make a sandwich Mediterranean, create it using heart-healthy spreads and a smart balance of vegetables, seafood, and/or lean meats. Use whole grain bread, wraps, or pitas, and make it beautiful by cutting the bread at an angle, arranging a few sprouts or bright, fresh greens or herbs to peek out from the top. Combine lovely colors, too. Imagine carrots, red cabbage, smoked salmon, and baby spinach.  

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Keep sandwich architecture in mind as you shop for food and plan other meals:
  • Visit several supermarkets and look at the selection of whole grain breads, flatbreads, wraps, and pita breads for sale. Experiment with different brands and choices such as spinach, herb, garlic, and tomato. Favor those made with whole grains and seeds.  
  • Consider leftovers. Thin slices of roasted chicken or turkey, grilled meats and seafood taste delicious cold in wraps. Or repurpose a spoonful of chili (use a slotted spoon to leave the liquid behind) or roasted vegetables.   
  • Keep several different healthy Mediterranean spreads on hand and experiment to come up with your own custom blends: hummus, baba ghanoush, tzatziki, spreadable feta or goat cheese, or a mix of cheese and plain Greek yogurt with a little garlic and mustard. Peanut and other nut butters also make good spreads. Or, you can just use plain mustard for an extra kick.   
  • Include fresh veggies. In addition to lettuce and sprouts, add baby spinach or baby kale, arugala, thinly sliced cucumbers, grated carrots, sliced celery, shaved red cabbage. To save time, buy cole slaw mix.
  • Raid your pantry. Tuna, olives, canned beans, roasted peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and pickled onions can all be tucked in to good effect.  
  • Keep sandwich makings in the freezer, too. Cooked shrimp, falafel balls, bits of grated cheese, or cooked asparagus all work wonders in a wrap.
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Smoked Salmon Sandwiches  Smoked Salmon Sandwiches
This delicious combo is easy enough to make and take to work.  Build the layers open-face style atop a sliced, whole grain baguette when you need a lovely hors d'oeuvre in minutes. You can also use spreadable goat cheese or hummus.

Falafel Sandwich Falafel Pita Sandwich
Purchase falafel cooked into balls at the supermarket if you don't have time to make it from scratch. Feel free to add sprouts and any other grated vegetables you prefer.  If you're making these sandwiches ahead of time, wrap each one in foil.  


Red Pepper and Cabbage Wrap Red Pepper and Cabbage Wrap
Nappa and green cabbage make ideal fillings for a sandwich. They're nutritious, economical, crunchy, and delicious. When combined, they offer an interesting contrast of flavors. Shred them with a sharp knife.
Egg Salad Sandwich for One Egg Salad Sandwich
Eggs aren't just for breakfast. Hard-cook a few ahead of time so you can make this old favorite in minutes. Top with snipped chives or other fresh herbs to dress it up a bit. Serve with a spinach salad, olives, and raw veggies.  
Fresh Fridays is a bi-weekly celebration of Mediterranean eating and living. We hope our Friday recipes will remind you just how easy and delicious eating the Mediterranean way can be.   

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