June 3, 2009


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The Robert E. Nolan Company is an operations and technology consulting firm specializing in the banking industry. Since 1973, we have helped banks innovatively redesign processes and apply technology to improve service, quality, productivity, and costs. Our consultants are senior industry experts, each with over 15 years of specialized experience. This depth, coupled with our collaborative approach, enables us to expedite and magnify improvement initiatives for our clients.

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It's Time To Lead!
By Dennis Sullivan
Chief Executive Officer

The way I see it, we have two options: 1) sit and wring our hands while the stock market's daily fluctuations hold the financial service industry hostage; or 2) get active about helping to lead our financial service sector into its next significant positive cycle. You make the choice. As I look out five years, that glass is more than half full. And when I say "get active," I'm talking about streamlining our own operations to be lean and mean and be creative with new product development that meet the needs of current and soon-to-be new consumers. It also means being vocal in the coming onslaught of governmental involvement and new "programs." The industry has brought this challenge on themselves, in many ways. Straying from proven and sound lending principles; believing the Pollyanna myth that everyone deserves the same, regardless of their contribution; and good old-fashion greed have all contributed to today's situation. The point is our industries—insurance, banking, and health care—have all been hit hard. Although a half a million new jobs have come into the health care industry, investment portfolios have been hit hard and new planned governmental controls are lurking. It is time for leadership from within the industry.

The insurance, health care, and banking industries face an uncertain future, and we can give up or we can get involved by addressing the real issues: operational inefficiency; an inability or unwillingness to truly leverage technology; the need to rebuild consumer trust; and an ability to bring product and operational creativity and innovation to the marketplace. We know creativity and innovation are foreign words in government programs, but unless we take a hard look at the financial services industries and create value for today's customers and future generations of customers, we may all be paying higher taxes merely to pay ourselves an "average" salary as we all start working for one big new company—The U.S. Government.

It is your choice! To me, there is no choice, it is time to lead!!

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