Calgary NUCCA Migraine Study

August 2012
Dr. Hasick
The Britannia Clinic along with The CHAMP Headache Clinic at The Foothills Hospital are looking for one final subject to participate in the NUCCA Migraine Study taking place here in Calgary. 
The potential candidate has a history of migraines, has not had NUCCA care previously and must be able to have MRI scans.
Please read below for further information and the procedure to follow if you or someone you know is interested in participating. 
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If you know someone who may be a candidate for the migraine study please forward this email to them. 



Migraine Study Update
We have now recruited 11 of the 12 candidates needed for the study and 8 have fully completed the protocol. MRI data is being sent for analysis and subjective data is being compiled.
We are continuing our recruiting efforts to find the final study candidate. The current projected date for all of the subjects to have completed the protocol is November, 2012.


Once the study is complete we will be submitting our findings for publication.

Candidate Information
A brief description of the study is available by clicking on the left.  If someone you know is interested, please have them read through the inclusion and exclusion criteria.  If all of the criteria is met, the next step is to complete the potential candidate survey and forward it to The Britannia Clinic via email ([email protected]) or fax (403-243-0844). Please contact Kathy at (403-243-0155) if you have any further questions. 

Potential Impact on Society
The number of people who suffer from migraine headaches is significant. There are however no definitive diagnostic tests that currently exist for migraines. 
In Canada, the lifetime migraine prevalence in women was found to be 23% in 1992, 24.9% in 1994, and 26% in 2006.  In men, migraine lifetime prevalence was found to be 10% in 1992 and 7.8% in 1994. These results indicate that at least three million women and one million men in Canada have migraines. Migraines are estimated to account for 7 million lost working days annually.

The positive benefits resulting from this study are confirming what we have seen clinically for many decades. The correction of the upper neck misalignment (atlas subluxation complex) benefits many headache sufferers in relieving the cause of their symptoms. This study, that includes the newly developed functional MRI technology may show us the physiological mechanisms behind what causes migraines.


This study may provide important evidence of NUCCA as a viable alternative to the usual and customary treatment of migraine headaches.

Thank you!

Thank you to all of our patients and friends for your
ongoing support of the migraine study
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