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August 2012 

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Agriculture and ABCs
Bridging Communities
Pedal Power
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Agriculture, 123s and ABCs!
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Learning effective farming practices is critical for impoverished students in rural Peru. The Sisters believe that it's never too early to start. Little Peruvian Boy Carlos, who attends one of the Sisters' Fe y Alegrķa schools, is just one of hundreds of students learning the art of agriculture along with his ABCs and 123s.
Food security, a nutritious diet  and continuous access to quality education are integral to a child's ability to learn and grow. Wherever the Sisters work, improving public health and increasing access to nutritional foods and education are top priorities.
Watch our one-minute video in which pre-schoolers in Peru learn to plant and count to two!  
Reaching At-Risk Students Across a River
Some of the
Fe y Alegrķa
("Faith & Happiness") schools operated by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in northern Peru are one-room structures. Some have outdoor classrooms. Some are located in mountains, accessible only by donkey. Others are in urban areas.
However, the curriculum at all of the schools includes an academic, agricultural, social, spiritual, cultural and civic component.
Children who live in isolated villages across the region's Piura River do not have access to this quality education.It is the dream of the Sisters to reach these children by expanding Fe y Alegrķa schools into these impoverished communities.
Your dollars have made and will continue to make a difference.

Sister Therese Hartley, pictured here among the students she loved, was the guiding force behind the Sisters assuming oversight of the Fe y Alegrķa schools.
Sister Therese, who died in 2011, was dedicated to the impoverished  people of Peru.
The Bridge over the River Piura 
The Piura Bridge is a fragile connection to the larger world. There is no government-provided infrastructure in this impoverished area
This bridge is washed out every year by floods. Yet, the people on both sides of the river continue to rebuild it in order to stay connected. The Sisters are hoping to make inroads on the remote side of the river where the people suffer from economic isolation, lack of basic necessities and sub-standard education.
Pedal Power
The Sisters' bicycle program is highly successful in Piura, Peru.
With consistent attendance, Fe y Alegrķa students earn the right to participate in a bicycle program,
which eases the strain of their long commutes to school. At graduation, the bicycles then become their own. Students' families are also rewarded by this program, since many families have no other means of transport.