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DHS on data privacy, O & P visas in London and the Fraud Detection Unit employs Social Media
Sharing information within DHS 
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has released a memorandum from Secretary Michael Chertoff issued on 02/01/07 regarding DHS Policy for Internal Information Exchange and Sharing indicating that all DHS components are considered part of one "agency" for purposes of the Privacy Act 5 U.S.C. 552a(a)(1),(b)(1).  
The memorandum states that:
In order to promote a united, Department-wide information-sharing environment, it is critical that each DHS component gives the highest priority to the sharing of potential terrorism, homeland security, law enforcement, and related information(1). DHS personnel must have timely access to all relevant information they need to successfully perform their duties. Therefore, absent any legal prohibitions as set forth by the Department's General Counsel, information shall be shared within DHS whenever the requesting officer or employee has an authorized purpose for accessing the information in the performance of his or her duties(2), possesses the requisite security clearance, and assures adequate safeguarding and protection of the information.
O & P visa reissuance in London
Certain applicants are eligible to apply for a new visa without having to attend an interview with a U.S. consular officer. If, when you last applied for an O or P visa, you provided a complete set of your fingerprints and you are applying to renew the same category of visa that is either still valid or has expired within the last 12 months, you may be eligible for the Visa Reissuance Program and exempt from appearing in person for an interview with a consular officer. Please click on the Visa Reissuance Wizard below for further information.

Please note: A Consular Officer reserves the right to request that an applicant appear in person for an interview after reviewing his or her application.

To see if you are eligible,  please visit the Visa Reissuance Wizard.
USCIS Fraud Detection Unit uses social media
In July 2010, the USCIS issued a memorandum on social networking sites and their importance to FDNS (Office of Fraud Detection and National Security).  

The memo indicates that:
[Social media] provides an excellent vantage point for FDNS to observe the daily life of beneficiaries and petitioners who are suspected of fraudulent activities. Generally, people on these sites speak honestly in their network because all of their friends and family are interacting with them via lM's (Instant Messages), Blogs (Weblog journals), etc. This social networking gives FDNS an opportunity to reveal fraud by browsing these sites to see if petitioners and beneficiaries are in a valid relationship or are attempting to deceive CIS about their relationship. Once a user posts online, they create a public record and timeline of their activities. In essence, using MySpace and other like sites is akin to doing an unannounced cyber "site-visit" on a petitioners and beneficiaries.

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