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May, 2011                                                                                                               Volume2 Issue 6

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July 6, Dryland Conservation Tillage Field Day


July 18 - 20, Utah Cattlemen's Summer Convention


News and information...

Cereal Leaf Beetle -- What You Should Watch For
The cereal leaf beetle is a serious insect pest of small grains throughout much of Northern Utah and has the potential to cause serious economic damage to grains. More...
Alfalfa Weevil - When Should You or Shouldn't You Spray?
Many alfalfa producers in Utah have incorporated the practice of applying an insecticide as an early treatment for alfalfa weevil control. Recent USU research shows that hay producers may save money in spray costs by simply investing in a sweep net. More...  


Wheat Stripe Fungus
Wheat Stripe Rust

Our cool wet spring has provided ideal conditions for 

stripe rust which has been identified on fall planted wheat this spring.  It is a foliar fungal disease of wheat.  Mild winters and cooler wet weather in the spring and early summer favor the development of the disease. If the pathogen infects the spike (head) it can cause extensive quality and grain yield loss. There are number of fungicides are labeled to control the disease but scouting and early detection are crucial. View Fact Sheet...


What Happens when Corn is Planted Late?

Cooler and wetter weather caused serious planting delays for corn in Utah. Corn yields can begin to decline rapidly if planting is delayed.   More...


Potential Flood Preparations for Livestock

Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, Division of Animal Industry is recommending that livestock owners in potentially affected areas take sufficient precautions and preventive measures to protect livestock, farm buildings and agriculture assets.  More...


Ron Plaine's Cattle Outlook 

Fed cattle prices were lower for the sixth week in a row.  The trend 

is down at this time of year and this week's drop was quite small.  

The 5-area daily weighted average price for slaughter steers sold 

through Thursday of this week on a live weight basis was $104.85/cwt,  

down 26 cents from last week. More...

Useful Market Information


Can Corn Outlook Remain Bullish?


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