May, 2010                                                                                                               Volume1 Issue 4

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Cereal Leaf Beetle -- What You Should Watch For
The cereal leaf beetle is a serious insect pest of small grains throughout much of Northern Utah and has the potential to cause serious economic damage to grains. More...
Alfalfa Weevil - When Should You or Shouldn't You Spray?
Many alfalfa producers in Utah have incorporated the practice of applying an insecticide as an early treatment for alfalfa weevil control. Recent USU research shows that hay producers may save money in spray costs by simply investing in a sweep net. More...  
UDAF Provides Financial Support for Grasshopper and Black Grass Bug Control
UDAF has two cost share programs to help producers control these insects on their land.More... 
- Black Grass Bug ID and Control Fact Sheet
Controlling Corn Mite
Planning now for corn mite control can improve effectiveness.Corn mites typically show up on the lower leaves when the corn is two feet tall, but growers frequently don't become concerned until the corn is six or seven feet tall and the lower third of the plant is heavily infested. More...  
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Led by increases in prices for meat and dairy products, the overall cost of items in the FOX Business shopping cart rose sharply in April. More...  
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