March, 2010                                                                                                         Volume1 Issue 3

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James Barnhill - Weber 

Lyle Holmgren - Box Elder

Clark Israelsen - Cache
Mike Pace - Box Elder
Darrell Rothlisberger - Rich
Scott Williams - Cache
Lyle Holmgren - Box Elder
Meetings and events...
Earl Creech
Beginning QuickBooks Workshop 
USU Brigham City Campus            March 29, April 5 and April 12 

Private Pesticide Applicator License Training
Weber                   March 12, Weber County Extension, Ogden, UT  
Soil Conservation Districts' Bare-root Tree Sales
Box Elder Districts
Cache Districts 

News and information...
Wheat Stocks to Use Ratio -- Is it an Effective Marketing Tool? 
The stocks to use ratio is powerful indicator of where wheat prices are expected to go.  The ratio is curretly at a twenty year high.  More...
The Beef Cow's Last Trimester of Gestation
Rebreed on time and produce an optimum calf weight.  More...
Manage Your Calves
Common sense reminders on how to help your calves survive.More..
Animal Feeding Operations Face New Regulations
Animal Feeding Operations (AFOs) of all sizes will soon face more stringent regulations.  More...
The Dew Simulator Creates the Perfect Bale - Almost Anytime
The dew simulator applies steam to dry hay at the baler. Compared to alfalfa baled conventionally, claims are that it makes higher-quality, denser bales and dramatically increases baling capacity.  It is developed and sold right here in Utah.  More...
Fertilizer Management for Alfalfa
Management is the key to successful alfalfa production. Supplying the correct amount of nutrients is one important management factor in profitable alfalfa production.  More...
Cover Crop Use in Spring Seeded Alfalfa
You might think that modern age alfalfa production has left cover crops behind but there are still reasons for using a cover crop.  More...
Dairy Production Report 
Important information on the status of the U.S. Dairy Industry. More...
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