January, 2010                                                                                                             Volume1 Issue 1

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USU AgLink - Northern Utah's Agriculture News Resource
Agriculture has changed dramatically during the past few years. One of the most notable changes is how and where we go to find our information.  
USU AgLink is an electronic newsletter that will be e-mailed to you at least monthly at no charge -- all you need is an email address.  The newsletter will contain current information about markets, local and national analysis, production tips, upcoming Extension events and workshops and even a look at the light side.  We hope you will find the information useful.
Meetings and events...
Northern Utah Crop Management Schools Scheduled
Box Elder              January 27, 2010 - BATC, Brigham City 
Cache                   February 23, BATC, Logan, UT
Weber                   Februry 24, Weber County Extension, Ogden, UT  

Northern Utah Cattlemens' Meetings Scheduled
Box Elder              February 25 - Tremonton City Senior Center
Weber/Morgan       January 27      

Soil Conservation Districts' Bare-root Tree Sales
Box Elder Districts
Cache Districts 

News and information...

Oh for the good 'ole days.  It seems like just yesterday when we were sweeping the bottom of the bins around the world just to have enough wheat to meet demand.  More...

Will Roundup Ready Alfalfa Return to the Market?
Most growers hope so.  Those that were fortunate enough to have planted the alfalfa give glowing reports of its ease of production.  There are some obvious advantages to Roundup Ready Alfalfa.  More...  
New Utah Oilseed Research
When diesel fuel hit $4.00 a gallon in 2008, many growers in Utah became interested in growing oilseed crops for biofuel production, but were not familiar with the growing conditions and expected yields of various oilseed crops. The purpose of this project was to:  More...

New Year A New Decade
An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves."   More...

Northern Utah Private Pesticite Training Workshops
Santa really does exist.  Check out the new UDAF rules for private pesticide appicators licenses.  More....   

Watch Out for Witches' Broom
Have you seen this alfalfa disease?  Last spring Witches' broom was identified in the Ogden area.  It is spread from alfalfa plant to alfalfa plant by leafhoppers and to non-alfalfa plants by the parasitic plant dodder.  More...
Buy and Sell Your Commodities with Utah Ag Exchange
Whether you are looking for a way to sell or lease forage crops, pasture or have custom machine work to offer or if you need any of these products or services, Utah Ag Exchange may be able to help.  This website can help bring buyer and seller together.   More..
Researchers Measure Long-Term Impact of Soil Compaction
Farmers know that agricultural equipment can cause compaction in no-till crop fields, but Ohio State University researchers have found that, depending on soil type, compaction can be severe and persist for years. 
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