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April, 2012    
Motivation Monthly

Earth Day is right around the corner (April 22nd) and to raise awareness we created a special Green Edition of Motivation Monthly! This month we are featuring two great articles. The first dispels common misconceptions concerning Eco-Friendly products, the second discusses shocking statistics regarding the current state of the planet. In addition we are offering more bright green ideas and exclusive savings!   

Six Myths About
 Going Green

Generally, consumers are aware of the need to conserve our natural resources and to reduce the wasteful exploitation of our valuable energy supply. But we have not as an industry communicated to our customers the satisfying benefits of personally participating in the war on waste. We tend to complicate the matter with an overabundance of conflicting information. By conveying one simple idea - the need to end the addiction to waste - we can emotionally connect with our clients and know that we (and they) are making a difference. To get there, we must overcome the myths associated with going green.

Myth #1: I alone can't make a difference.

This is the most obvious myth. Great journeys start with the first step, worldwide changes begin with a single thought in one person's mind, and on and on. It takes approximately six reprocessed two-liter plastic bottles to make one knit shirt. That is an exceptionally easy message to convey: One shirt purchased by one person can save six plastic bottles from being discarded into our landfills! Now keep multiplying that, and you can see the huge amount of waste that can be eliminated. One person can make a difference.


Myth #2: Recycled products will only produce low-grade attire.

Not true. Post-consumer recycled polyester - which comes from polyethylene terephthalate, or recycled PET, can produce 100% poly knit polo and crew-neck shirts and can be used in fabric blends with organic cotton. Many manufacturers are making knit golf shirts from recycled fibers which are extremely durable, multicolored, comfortable and very pleasing in appearance. The same goes for uniform and work shirts.


Myth #3: I can't be certain these products are eco-friendly.  

Many manufacturers do offer certifications that these products are made from recycled fibers. Don't be afraid to ask.


Myth #4: It costs more to support and purchase

eco-friendly products.  

Not always true. Most new garments produced from recycled fibers are available at no additional cost. And in addition, the high price of cotton has shrunk the price gap for organic cotton. It's a great thing to tell customers they can purchase green apparel without significant additional cost. Ask suppliers for their price comparisons regarding the price differences for buying green. You may be surprised.


Myth #5: Eco-friendly apparel doesn't need my support.  

Green apparel is just like anything in business: Without money or support, it won't flourish. We can all sweeten the eco economy by buying, using and producing attire made from recycled products. By doing so, we are encouraging the textile industry to explore and develop better fibers, fabric and garments which can be made from earth-friendly products.


Myth #6: We have an abundant supply of natural resources.  

This is perhaps the largest myth we must overcome. Many of the resources currently used to produce fibers are either taken from fossil fuels or rely on water and energy to be manufactured. Previously underdeveloped countries are increasing their consumption at lightning speed - and first-world countries like ours are not letting up. If we cannot develop or locate alternate sources of natural resources, then we need to recycle those resources we have available. Either we change our current manner of consumption, or we deplete our supply and terminate our way of life.


Each of us has a responsibility to contribute to our planet's future. Only when the consuming population, the businesses and the manufacturers commit themselves can we start the war on waste. Consumers are well aware of the need to conserve our natural resources and to reduce wasteful exploitation, but we need to convince them to make that choice with their purchasing decisions. Recycled-fiber apparel is a start, and there is so much more beyond that. There is satisfaction in knowing we can make a difference so that future generations will enjoy our beautiful world.

Source: John Veach Wearables Magazine, November-December 2011
    Featured Product of the Month:


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     Did You Know...
10 Going Green Facts That Will Make Your Head Spin


Green Fact #1:  

In 2008, the United States consumed 99 Quadrillion Btus (British thermal units) of energy, mostly in the form of fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, and oil. One Btu is equivalent to the energy released by burning one match. So, the United State's annual energy consumption adds up to a mind boggling 99,000,000,000,000,000 matches. That's 271 trillion each day, or roughly 1 million matches per person per day.

Green Fact #2:  

A governmental study calculated that the gasoline equivalent of the lifetime energy savings offered by using a single 24 watt compact fluourescent lamp (CFL) in lieu of a 100 watt incandescent bulb would be sufficient to drive a Toyota Prius from San Francisco to New York. Replacing that 100 Watt bulb with a CFL will prevent the release of 800 pounds of carbon dioxide over the CFL's operating life.

Green Fact #3:  

According to the American Solar Energy Society, the amount of sunlight that falls on the Earth's surface in one minute is sufficient to meet world energy demand for an entire year. 


Green Fact #4:  

Manufacturing cell phones, computers, and other consumer electronics require a lot of energy. In fact, 81% of the life-cycle energy costs associated with a single computer is from its manufacture, only 19% from its operation. In other words, the computer you're using right now, in all the years you'll own it, will never consume more energy than was required to create it. The production of a single computer also uses 42,000 gallons of water. Please recycle your used electronics and turn them off when not in use.

Green Fact #5:  

If the entire population of the United States washed their clothes exclusively with cold water (instead of hot), we would save $3 billion in energy costs annually and cut national CO2 emissions by over a full percent!

Green Fact #6:  

Did you know that recycling one ton of paper saves 20 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, three cubic yards of landfill space, 60 pounds of air pollutants, and saves enough energy to power the average home for six months?

Green Fact #7:  

The energy saved by recycling a single aluminum can would run a TV for three hours. Every three months, Americans toss out enough aluminum to completely rebuild the nation's commercial airline fleet. 


Green Fact #8:  

It takes, on average, 10 calories of fossil fuel energy to grow, process, and deliver 1 calorie of food energy to our tables.

Green Fact #9:  

Burning one gallon of gasoline creates about 19 pounds of carbon dioxide. The average mature tree can absorb 48 pounds of CO2 per year.


Green Fact #10:  

An estimated 15% to 30% of a home's total heating and cooling energy is lost through poorly sealed duct-work, costing consumers about $5 billion dollars annually.
 Source: Going Green Today   
We hope you have gained some insight as to how you can do your part to help our planet. Please contact us if you are looking for Eco-Friendly items for your next promotion. We are offering 20% off throughout the month of April to help you get started(see coupon below).




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