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March, 2012    
Motivation Monthly

Greetings and Welcome to Motivation Monthly!


It's an election year and things are already starting to heat up. No matter where you stand on the issues, promotional products are a key factor in the campaign mix toward getting your message across. This month we are featuring articles that discuss the importance of promotional products as they relate to political campaigns or any other campaign for that matter. You will also find new bright green ideas and exclusive savings. 

Political Promotional Products: An Effective Use of Campaign Dollars

According to a recent article by Jim Kuhnhenn, a White House and politics reporter in the Washington Bureau of the Associated Press, presidential candidates are planning to spend more than ever before on advertising. For instance, Kuhnhenn says Barack Obama has spent more than "$2.7 million in ad spending in Iowa alone, according to data compiled by other presidential campaigns." He added that most of the candidates' advertising dollars will be spent on television and radio ads, especially in Iowa and New Hampshire. Perhaps these candidates and their campaign organizers should also consider spending money on political promotional products.

Of course there will be the typical bumper stickers and campaign hand fans, as well as yard signs to promote the candidates. However, there is a new trend in campaign advertising, unique political promotional products. There are many political products that take the campaign off the beaten path into uncharted and highly effective territory.

Political promotional products range from the typical signs and buttons to things like stress balls and awareness bracelets. These political promotional products can be even more effective in raising awareness of the candidate's political views, and all can be imprinted with the name of the candidate along with their slogan or personal message. Voters will be highly impressed to see that the candidate is creative and takes extra time in thinking about his or her voting public.

Political promotional products are often overlooked when discussing how a candidate will spend money on advertising, but are usually the most memorable of advertisements. Commercials are great, but often don't leave a lasting impression. Political promotional products are useful because they stick around longer than the typical 30-second ad Political promotional products are seen by just as many people and can generate a lot of interest in a candidate. Especially if the political promotional product is unique and ties in with what the candidate has to say. There is a myriad of products available that can achieve this objective.

Candidates should consider investing in a variety of political promotional products as well as the well-known staples. There is a political promotional product out there for any campaign and on any campaign budget.

Source: Elizabeth Chesney
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     Did You Know...


Linda was a 33 year-old business-owner running for City Council. She was an underdog and was bound to be outspent. She had to work smarter, not harder. She found an issue.


The community had suffered a number of child/car accidents that year. Through personal visits to baseball and soccer fields and playgrounds she learned that parents were concerned for their children's safety. She researched national and local statistics for child car accidents., noting a common thread ... in many cases the children simply weren't seen.


Linda purchased a quantity of imprinted orange safety flashers and carefully prepared a press release highlighting the statistics and her resolve to work closely with law enforcement, code compliance and neighborhood associations to find ways to reduce child/vehicle accidents. She came up with a theme, "Children Should Be Seen, Not Hurt." She then enlisted the help of several area businesses who agreed to help distribute the safety flashers.

Linda launched her plan with a press conference (attended by 50 supporters) two weeks prior to Halloween. Press coverage leading up to Halloween was supported by some well-worded letters to the editor. She garnered earned media, her name ID was boosted but more importantly, she tapped into the emotion of parents in a way that gave her credibility. Timed right, this is a powerful tactic to blind-side an opponent at the last minute.


These types of tactics take planning. May 2nd, is National Child Safety Day, May 7th Nat'l Fingerprint Your Kid Day and May 25th is Nat'l Missing Children's Day. Any of these events can be an opportunity for a campaign to stand out on an issue and incorporate the right promotional product such as fingerprint kits or flashers. National Night Out is the first Tuesday of August where people sit out on their front porch with the light on as a show of force against the criminal element. With time to find sponsors, a campaign could hand out inexpensive imprinted cardboard binoculars.

While campaigns may have the main "Party" issues, campaigns need to seek out what I call "Ingrain" issues ranging from domestic violence and conservation to public safety and senior issues. These are the topical, localized issues that can help you become ingrained within a community.


In summary, promotional products can be used effectively in a Political campaign when they are issue oriented. Planning is key. If done properly the campaign will "own" an issue, gain earned media and have the campaign name floating around town on a relevant item.


Source: Michael Merrick Crooks 

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