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September, 2011   
Motivation Monthly

Welcome to Corporate Motivation, Inc.'s September Motivation Monthly newsletter! It seems that you never have enough time and how you use your time is of utmost importance. So, this month we are talking time management. We have great tips you can use to make your days more productive.  


As always, we've included new green ideas and exclusive savings on great products.  



         Sept 2011 Quote
Time Management:
Breaking It Up to Break It Down

There are a set number of hours in any given workday, and it's important to consider how your time is spent. It's the basis of all time management, and different experts have their own approaches for tackling the issue.


One common thread that has gained popularity is breaking down your work into "manageable blocks." For different people, this obviously means different things, but the consensus among experts seems to suggest that somewhere between 20 and 40 minutes offers the best balance of mental alertness and overall productivity.


A recent post by Dave Logan at BNET offers what he calls The Multiple Put Down technique. 20 minute blocks of absolute attention to a task you've chosen, with no phone, email, or IM interruptions. He suggests using a timer. At the end of the 20 minutes, you're able to choose to work for another 20 minute block or opt for a short, medium, or long break.


For those who've followed time management topics for some time, this probably brings to mind the Pomodoro technique, which praises the use of 25 minute 'sprints', aided by a timer. Pomodoro is the Italian word for apple, kitchen timerand it gained the name from the apple-shaped kitchen timer used by Francesco Cirillo when he came up with the concept in the 1980s.


At the end of each sprint, you're supposed to take a 5 minute break. At the end of every 4 pomodoro periods, you're supposed to take a longer 15 to 20 minute break. With a growing number of books, websites, and mobile apps, the technique has millions of fans who attest to its effectiveness.


But why do these techniques work? It's clear that there's some connection between the brain's natural attention span and the time limits. If you've spent uninterrupted hours on one task, you probably know what it feels like to get mentally bogged down. The structured breaks prevent that.


In addition, they let you assess your progress with each pause. You're able to appreciate your incremental accomplishments, and use them as motivation to move forward.


source: Dr. Rob Rawson 

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Did You Know?

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Please don't hesitate to call us for creative reward ideas if you would like to start a campaign in your office promoting greater time management. As always, be sure to take advantage of this month's coupon (below) for 20% off our great selection of clocks to help make good use of your time! We hope you enjoyed reading this month's newsletter.



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