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Editing* the Story of Your Life
*edit: cause to change; make different; cause a transformation

Blessings to You!

Whether we are aware of it or not, each of us is the co-author of our own life story. I know that may seem outlandish...but it is true. We, along with our creator God, write the story of our lives every day; with every thought, word and action. There is a plot line that was planted within each of us by God. It is our Divine Potential. But God does not compel us to use His words. Through the gift of free will, and the power to choose, vision and create, we can fill in all of the adventures and sub-plots.

One Way Sign
Psalm 16:11

Thou dost show me the path of life;
in thy presence there is fulness of joy,
in thy right hand are pleasures for evermore.

finger of God
Unity Wisdom
Charles Fillmore, "The Revealing Word"

"Life is that expression of Being which manifests as animation, activity, vigor. Life and substance are ideas in Divine Mind. Life is in itself not intelligent; it requires the directive power of an entity that knows where and how to apply its force in order to get the best results."

When writing a story, we "begin with the end in mind." It has a plot line; a purpose or moral at its' core. The story typically has a hero, a villain or challenges, and victory or defeat. Some stories serve simply to entertain, others to inspire and yet others to teach. 
As Children of God, the plot line of our story would involve transformation of a being from the natural; human state to fulfillment of its divine potential as a Spiritual Being. That is what God has provided. The adventures along the way are what we contribute to the story. This is true for the individual life; "My Story," and the collective life "The Story of Mankind" as well.
The word "author," is defined as one who composes a book, but also as an originator or creator. It is the root of the word "authority,' from the Latin, "auctor," meaning master, leader, author. What a powerful position...and in your life...that is YOU!
As Co-Authors we have the authority to make choices that will determine the course and ending of the story. Will our story be comedy, tragedy, adventure or melodrama? We not only can, but must choose. Ideally, we follow our dreams. Our dreams are a vital part of our plot line. Yet they are not our dreams...they are God's dreams for us!
Everything in your life to date was shaped largely by choices you "authored," or authorized. As we live and grow in knowledge and wisdom, we move from unconscious to conscious choices. This is where the editing comes in. To edit is to revise or correct. As the editor of your life it is necessary to review it, remove errors, and re-frame the content.
In reviewing my own life, I see instances where I made decisions that could have been better, took actions that were not in the interest of my...or someone else's highest good...or held onto thoughts or beliefs that were not grounded in fact or Truth. Unlike an editor of the written word, I cannot drag out an eraser or highlight and click "delete." What I CAN do is find the root or cause of the error and glean the wisdom from it. In doing so, I move from being a "victim" of my errors to a "victor," emerging stronger and wiser than before. 
My prayer for you, is that the story of your life will be one of adventure, joy, laughter, overcoming and transformation! 
Now...Go to your destiny!
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