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The leaves are starting to show beautiful hues of red, orange and yellow. Summer has made its' exit, and fall is greeting us with cooler temperatures and shortening days. 

Fall tends to bring my thoughts to change; endings, and questions about the nature of time and what matters most in my life. It is a time of preparing to "winter-in," and slow down.

Oh...but wait...as I was reminded at the grocery store the other day, the holidays will soon be upon us. The Christmas decorations were out this year BEFORE the last day of September. Just the sight of the tinsel and strings of light, brought a sense urgency regarding what I could do for my family, my ministry, and myself to make it special. 

I stopped short, refusing to be manipulated by those who would tell me what I need in order to have a meaningful holiday, or life! All I need is what matters most to ME, and the same thing is true for you! 
WDOP Table with Candles
John 21:22 " 
...What is that to you? Follow me!

Birth 2012
Unity Wisdom 

Once the attention begins to move to the inner realm, then we can begin to discern the true value of our desires.


Revelation: The Book of Unity, Sig Paulson and Rick Dickerson



Neutrons that Fire together Wire together
Neutrons that Fire Together Wire Together
Whose thoughts are thinking you?

Now, I know that may sound a bit strange, but most of us are manipulated to one degree or another but thoughts, and agendas, of others. We can be sitting in our living room, full and happy, until the commercial for the Dove Maxim bar comes on. Then we find ourselves hungry...yearning for smooth vanilla ice cream wrapped in a layer of caramel and dipped in rich, dark chocolate. (You want one now, don't you?)

We may have every intention of setting aside money for retirement or an "opportunity fund," (I don't like the thought 'rainy day fund,' because I do not want to create a rainy day to use it!) Then we find out about the latest, greatest, fastest, better gadget and find ourselves checking out of Best Buy with it in the bag.

We may look in the mirror, our closet, or job description and feel that we are "not enough." We may look at some mistakes we have made and determine we are a failure. 

Actually, whenever we are feeling undue guilt, urgency, anxiety or fear, we are probably being manipulated. This happens in our feelings, opinions, actions and decisions. We often follow along like obedient little sheep. 

If we make a habit of asking ourselves, "What is that to you?" Followed by hearing the words of Jesus: "Follow Me." It can make our thinking and decision making process a whole lot easier. 

The best person to determine how you spend your life and money should be you! Now, when I say "you," I don't mean the human ego part, I mean the Divinity within you...that part of you that is connected to what REALLY matters most in your heart and soul. 

Try this little trick: Write "What is that to you... Follow Me!" on a post-it and put it on your desk, your bathroom mirror, or other place where you will see it frequently during the day. When you see it, ponder if anything is bothering you. When you explore whether or not it REALLY matters in light of God's will for you, which is all good, then deal with it or let it go. 

Have a bright, beautiful, better-than-average day! RevAli

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