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Back to School for You!
Me Kindergarten Class
Blessings to you!
Many of us are smiling today, as we are inundated with advertisements and announcements for  "Back To School Time!" We may be grinning thinking of wonderful, relaxed mornings; undisturbed, sipping coffee and leafing through the latest magazine after getting the kids on the bus. We may be enjoying the thought of grocery shopping sans large numbers of small children volleying to get forbidden items into the cart unnoticed, or screeching as only a small child can when the item is discovered and returned to the shelf. 

A few of us may be dreading a long drive to work with the possibility of winding up behind a school bus chugging along, punctuated with frequent stops. And then there are a few of us who will be humming "No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks..." relieved that we made it through and graduated and do not have to go "back to school." Or do we? 
Proverbs 1:7-9 
Sean First Day of School
The fear (respect) of the LORD (law) is the beginning of knowledge;fools despise wisdom and instruction. Hear, my son, your father's instruction, and reject not your mother's teaching; for they are a fair garland for your head, and pendants for your neck.
Unity Wisdom
Nick and Frank First Day of SchoolHeretofore we have sought knowledge and help from outside sources, not knowing that the source of all knowledge, the very Spirit of truth, is lying latent within each one of us, waiting to be called on to teach us the truth about all things--most marvelous of teachers, and everywhere present, without money or price!
H. Emile Cady "Lessons in Truth"
Back to School for You!
Mimi's First Day of School
 Most of us considered, upon walking across the auditorium stage at the school or university we attended, that we were done with the educational process. Some have attended classes, courses and schools over the years in order to sharpen their skills and expand their knowledge. Even that is not enough though. You see, school never ends for the ever-evolving Soul...on Planet Earth, anyway.

The School of Spiritual Evolution and Transformation (SSET) does not discriminate in any way. We are all enrolled by virtue of being alive. The curriculum is not linear. Because we are eternal beings, a five-year-old can be on the same educational level as a fifty-year-old (in Earth-years).

True education happens within our very Being. Scripture tells God said "I will put my Law (Truth) within them, I will write it on their hearts." This is what happens when we "get" it, that great "aha" moment when we have truly connected with Principle. It leaves its indelible mark on our soul and we have grown.

To be educated in our common understanding means that information was imparted to us. If we assimilated that information it became knowledge. However neither the information nor knowledge is helpful without understanding and wisdom. These are the spiritual components.

In our common understanding, to be "ignorant" is to not be privy to the information. On the other hand, to be "ignor-ant" is to have the information and knowledge but to choose to ignore it and do what we want in spite of likely outcomes. This is also referred to as "stupid," which is lack of care, foolishness and carelessness.

 Nobody can "pass" or "fail" us, except ourselves. If we find ourselves crying out in frustration, "Why is this happening to me again?" we can be sure we are in the midst of an exam, giving us the opportunity to advance, or...take that "course of study" again.

The SSET has no classrooms or walls. Our virtual classroom is our life circumstances. In this great spiritual university, teachers and students are often the same, fluctuating; performing the role that matches the Soul's individual curriculum and progress at the time. Our teacher can be three years of age, or one hundred and three, it can be our best friend or our nemesis. Our goal is to learn, wherever or whoever the lesson comes from.

 When we have mastered one course of study we go to the next, and teach the one we have mastered. But we must always be aware so that we teach with willingness, love and integrity or we will be required to take the course as a student again.

Does it ever end? Are we ever promoted; graduated, "once and for all?" Ultimately, perhaps...reaching the Kingdom of Heaven, or "Nirvana," states of eternal bliss. How long that takes will depend on us. It will depend on our willingness to be students, and teachers as well.

So, grab your pencil box and backpack...it's time to get back to school!

RevAli Me Graduation Day


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