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The movie industry takes a lot of heat for many of the movies they produce. And, in my NTBHO it the critique is often pretty much on target when we consider the Law of Mind Action. But that is another story for another day.

Today I would like to look at the "One Line Wonders," or "Miracle Moments" in movies that have impacted our lives. That is the one "Aha!" moment that can occur in a movie that catches in your heart, inspiring and encouraging you over and over. It is words of wisdom, with a side of popcorn.
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Proverbs 1:2-6

 That men may know wisdom and instruction,

understand words of insight, receive instruction in wise dealing, righteousness, justice, and equity; that prudence may be given to the simple,
knowledge and discretion to the youth --  the wise man also may hear and increase in learning, and the man of understanding acquire skill,to understand a proverb and a figure, the words of the wise and their riddles.


Unity Wisdom


Where we are in consciousness in the present is a prophecy of where we will be in fact in the future, for all our life is an evolving of what is involved in our attitudes toward life.


Ernest C Wilson;

"Emerging Self" 


Contemporary Wisdom
We can...if we watch movies intelligently...engage both our intellect and our will. Movies stimulate our best intentions and our desire to choose on behalf of whatever is intrinsically good, releasing the negative merely by noticing it.

Marsha Sinetar;
"Reel Power"


Who doesn't love settling into a seat in a darkened theater, popcorn and soda at hand, as the screen lights up with images that will sweep us away to a realm of all possibilities? Even in today's challenging financial climate, billions of dollars are spent each week as new movies are released.

We may be seeking a brief reprieve from stress in our lives, a laugh, or an exciting adventure. From time to time we walk away not only satisfied and uplifted, but taking with us words of wisdom that will touch our hearts and change our lives for years to come.

While many movies have meaningful messages and overall themes, today we are looking only at a single phrase or scene that really speaks to us. What is it that catches our attention and holds our interest?

I believe that it is the thought + feeling vibration sent forth in that phrase or scene that resonates with the vibration of our very own being; our consciousness, or current state of awareness. It speaks to us of where we are, calling us to where we want to be. We identify with it. Think about it...this is something we actually feel  in our mind and heart. This could be a very different scene or statement to each person, as we are each unique.

I would like to share a few of my favorite movie lines and moments, and what they "say" to me; how they resonate with who I am, etc.

In "Cool Runnings," the question is posed as to what the name of the Jamacian Boblsed Team's sled, "Cool Runnings," means.  The response is "Peace be the journey." The words, spoken with the distinct "Island flow," resonates with that part of me that desires my life to be a peaceful journey.

The same movie contains a scene where the insulted and taunted Jamacial Bobsled Team is being pushed by their trainer to overcome their taunters. As they run with pride and determination along snowy paths, we hear a song, "Rise Above It." My innate desire to overcome the obstacles in my life is reinforced.

In "Holy Man," Jeff Goldblum's character's personal chant is "Good, better, best; I will never rest, until my good's my better, and my better is my best." Again, I am inspired to continue to strive to be my best.

In "Oh God," George Burns..."God"...says "I picked a look you could understand." when asked by John Denver's character why he looked the way he did. This was the "aha" those many years ago, that we see God in our image and likeness, not as God truly is. So, whether Jesus had red hair or brown, brown eyes or blue, makes absolutely no difference at all.

In "City Slickers," "Curly" is asked "What is it all about?" He holds up one finger and says, "One thing." When pushed for more information he says, "You've got to figure that out for yourself." This "aha" told me we each have our own "path," our own "stuff," and it is ours to find and express.

More recently in "The Lorax," the Lorax says "I speak for the trees." This reminds me that the trees cannot speak for themselves. We are each responsible for taking care of the world we live in.

And my most recent favorite encouraging and inspiring line, "Each day you should exercise twenty seconds of insane courage and embarrassing bravery." I even put a reminder in my electronic day timer that says "My twenty seconds..." and I strive to find something to do each day that will stretch my comfort zone and challenge me to become more.

While I believe going to church is extremely important, just remember that when you walk out of the church you do not leave God behind. God's Omnipresence can provide Wisdom anywhere and everywhere, if you will just be open and listen to your heart.

I don't know about you...but I sure could go for popcorn, soda, and a nice, cool, dark movie theater!
Dark Shadows Pic
And some movies are just for fun! 

Have a great day, and Cool Runnings to you!
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The life of one of the  greatest American singer/songwriters of the last century is documented in this stirring movie. Some of his best known songs include "Where Have All the Flowers Gone," "Turn, Turn, Turn," and "If I Had a Hammer." Criticized for his strong beliefs he was picketed, protested, blacklisted, and banned from commercial TV for 17 years! But the powerful and timeless message of his songs is as meaningful today as it ever was. 

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