Meta-Musing ~ Pick A Path
Blessings to You!

They say "All roads (paths) lead to Rome," but of course, if you want to get to Rome, you've got to pick a path. Today, with so many choices available to us, that is not an easy thing to do! Experts are saying that the information overload and choices available to us in all areas of our lives are impairing our ability to focus. Yet, as far as Spiritual Mastery is concerned, it is essential that we pick a path...not just any path...but the path that works for us!

Have you found, and picked your path? Consider these things...

PS 25:10

All the paths of the LORD are steadfast love and faithfulness,
for those who keep his covenant and his testimonies.


Unity Wisdom

All souls do not grow by the same spiritual food, as is proved by the various teachings of different denominations. What may seem most essential to the religious life and growth of one person will leave another cold and uncomprehending 


Clara Palmer: "You Can Be Healed" 

Some of the greatest challenges we are facing today, individually and collectively are, oddly enough, our greatest blessings; our freedom, free will and the many choices that are available to us. Like a house built on sand, our increasingly fickle mindset lacks the foundation to withstand the storms of adversity, and the stability to build upon it. 


The other day I heard someone say, "I am not a joiner. I will not join an organization or  church because to include myself with one, means I exclude the rest." This is a paradox; both true and untrue. It is also a great excuse to not participate, make a commitment, or get involved. Of course it is too late. By virtue of our presence on Planet Earth, we are already involved.

While each of us is an individual, we are a part of a greater whole. We have been created and gifted to serve this greater whole. It's like this; each cell of our body is an individual cell, but it is interdependent with the other cells of our body to keep both itself and the whole body alive and healthy.

Likewise, those who have married exclude other suitors in order to be included in the new family unit, which functions as a part of the greater community, etc. Failure to commit to the vows taken can only result in failure of the newly-formed family unit. This weakens the greater community as well. We are not required to pick the path of marriage, but if we do we must be willing to walk that path.

These same things are true regarding our spiritual path. This is a highly individual matter. With the many religious and spiritual options available today, it is possible to experience many philosophies and theologies. It is easy to "choose not to choose" a path. Paradoxically, finding, choosing, and committing to a path; a church, or philosophy is essential to our personal and collective spiritual growth and maturity.

Committing to a spiritual path does not mean that you cannot enjoy and appreciate other paths. In Unity we define this as "Primary Path" and "Prayer and Inspiration." Many of you reading this today attend a Synagogue, Catholic or other Christian church, Mosque, Temple or such.

This would be your Primary Path, and the Unity messages I send would support that with Prayer and Inspiration. I rejoice with you, that you are following your path, and am very touched that you have found my weekly Meta-Musings inspiring and supportive of your path. 

Other readers attend Unity churches. This would be their Primary Path, and other paths would provide support through Prayer and Inspiration. The important thing is, to pick a path. We cannot truly move forward until we set our feet on the path we have chosen, and step forward; move, participate...join!

If you are searching for a spiritual path but have not found it yet, I encourage you to continue your search. I pray that the things I have to share will help you to find and identify it. If you are going to church regularly, and leave the service feeling empty, dissatisfied and maybe even frustrated, l encourage you to look elsewhere.

Finally, if you no longer, or never have attended a church, I deeply encourage you to find, attend, and participate in a spiritual/religious path that inspires and supports you in your life and spiritual growth. How can you know if you have found your path? Consider my story:

This year I am celebrating the 20th year since my ordination as a Unity minister. I found my path almost 25 years ago when I hesitantly walked through the tiny, humble door of Unity Christ Church in Riverside CA. My soul cried out "You're home!" I had found the outer expression of the inner beliefs of my soul. While this was an extra-ordinary experience, what you will find is that when the message taught from the pulpit reflects what you know to be true at the core of your being, you've found your path!

It is important to be aware that this varies from one person to the next, according to our current state of spiritual development. I know many people who are blessed by their various individual paths, but believe with all my  heart that we all worship the same God, Spirit, Master, whatever we wish to call it.

A couple of weeks ago I was blessed with the opportunity to visit Unity Village, my Spiritual Home in Missouri. It is where I attended seminary and was ordained. On the grounds of the Village, I just wanted to hoot and holler from the depths of my being, "Thank you, God!"

Easter symbolizes a time of new life, new beginnings. Whether it is the new life of the Resurrection, or stepping out on your spiritual path, Rejoice! The deeper teaching of the Resurrection, is that no matter what tries to hold us down, we can overcome!

Your Kindred Spirit on the Eternal Path,

Me - At Unity Village
Thank you...
For taking the time to read and consider the words I share in love.

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