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Six months ago, I had an experience that scared me skinny! Well, ok...not SKINNY...In fact, having been too thin until my late twenties, I don't even like that word. But what happened DID motivate me back to a healthier weight, lowered my blood pressure, AND cholesterol.

The best part, is that I have not suffered. I tricked myself thin! If you'd like to drop a few pounds without suffering, I can tell you how!

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Ecclesiastes 2:24-25

There is nothing better for a man than that he should eat and drink, and find enjoyment in his toil. This also, I saw, is from the hand of God; for apart from him who can eat or who can have enjoyment?

      Unity Wisdom   

Supplying the physical needs does not solve the whole problem of hunger for man, for his hungers are as varied as his interests and his desires. They include his thoughts and feelings as well as his physical needs.
Charles Fillmore: The Revealing Word  
Me Gillettes Castle July 4 2011
Here I am July 4, 2011 

In August of last year, I had an appointment with the doctor. My first shock was stepping on the scale. OUCH! I had gained five pounds since my last visit. Then, the nurse did one of those, "Hmmmmm..." things when she took my blood pressure. She said it was a little high and she would try again in a few minutes. Then when the doctor came in, he took it again. He told me it was hypertension and took out his pad to write me a prescription. That was when I was scared skinny. I said, "No. I don't want to take any drugs. Let me see if I can handle it naturally first." 


Now, I want to be perfectly clear, I would not refuse medication if I was certain it was necessary. I just think all avenues must be explored. I promised to make an appointment with my General Practitioner, which I did. I also bought a home blood pressure monitor, and the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet book.


Metaphysics, Part One. The doctor asked how things were in my life and I told him I was under a great deal of stress. Which I was. While that is a factor in hypertension, he did not appear to give it any serious consideration. Nor the fact that I had gained 5 pounds in two months.


The Law of Cause and Effect dictates that what we send out comes back in like kind. Thanks to my understanding of Spiritual Principle, I knew it would be necessary to change the cause, stress, which would then change the effect. 


The stress-filled thoughts I was holding in mind, were manifesting in my body. I was very unhappy at my job. I felt frustrated at not using my time and life to do what I was called to do. How could I be teaching the importance of following your hearts' desire, that makes you happy and fulfilled, and not living it myself? The job that once served its purpose of providing for me while I started the church, was no longer serving, it was hurting me.   


The Law of Increase dictates that what goes forth, comes back increased in kind. It was getting worse each day I lived out of alignment with my highest good. 


The blood pressure and weight were symptoms, effects of the stress. I was not in integrity with God's plan for my life. I decided it was time to trust God to provide, and retire from that job. I had to let go of the echoing opinions of others that told me I could not afford to retire. I could not afford not to. I had to release the secular job, and I had to release the extra pounds and stress.


Metaphysics Part 2: The "tricks."  While most folks would think of a trick as a deceptive or illusory feat, other definitions include: a quick or artful way of getting a result and technical device (as of an art or craft ) For my purpose today, both definitions fit. In this case however, it is tricking the deceptive or illusory thoughts and feelings of the physical body and mind, exposing the erroneous illusions about diet and dieting, etc.


 I already had the most important thing required. It is motivation. If you don't have motivation, it just won't happen, and if it does happen the weight, or any other challenge in life, will soon be back.


The Law of Mind Action dictates where the mind goes, energy flows, and manifestation follows. Therefore, it is important to be aware of where the mind is going. We need to remember usually it is not what we are eating that is the problem, but what's "eating us."  


Thoughts such as a diet being distasteful, constant hunger, never feeling satisfied must be abolished. They are not true. Establish a new mindset of healthful, delicious eating, increased energy and an amazing fit to your clothes.


You need to know that your body and lower mind are going to lie to you. They are going to say you are hungry when you are not, and you are too tired to exercise when you really need the exercise. You have a body and a mind, but you are not your body or mind. You are Spirit. Your body is not the boss of you. Nor is your lower mind. 


Trick your body when it says you are hungry. If you know you had enough to eat, brush your teeth and use long-lasting mouthwash. Works like magic. Trick your body when it says it is too tired for exercise. Go outside and walk for a minute or two. Watch the "fatigue" melt away.


Exercise is a problem for many people because, like dieting, it is perceived to be unpleasant and maybe even painful. The trick is to find something you LIKE to do, and do it. Check out your local Park and Rec department. You may find an adult basketball, volleyball, badminton or ping-pong group. Jazzercise is my favorite, don't forget there is Zumba and even tap dancing and the like. Let's be honest, if you don't like it, you won't do it.  


Your mind has its' own issues, like imbedded messages to "clean your plate," and "don't waste food." Waste it, don't waist it!  Watch for key words, like "just" and "only." "It's just one more small serving." Turn that around: "It's just leftovers. I can have them tomorrow."  And then there's "tomorrow," as in "I'll start fresh tomorrow." Yeah, right. Turn that around to "Maybe tomorrow I will have seconds." As you become inspired by the changes in your body, energy level, health and happiness you really will not be inclined to give in to your lower self.  


Stay focused on goals and gains, not how far you have to go. Patience is of key importance. There are no magic pills, plans or treatments. If you are not willing to change your thoughts, words and actions, change is temporary and often unhealthy. Real change may take a while, but it is permanent.  


Another trick is to Keep your mind and hands occupied to avoid being ambushed by television commercials or boredom tempting you to eat and such. If you want to engage your mind and hands in food thoughts and activities, get a healthy foods cookbook and learn to cook up some yummy healthy foods. Or you can build something, craft something, or learn something new.  

Scared Skinny
Here I am 15 pounds lighter. The 15 pounds of butter shows just how much that is!

  Celebrate your successes! Go ahead and get a new piece of clothing, purse, tool or other non-food treat.  


When making any major change in your life, always remember that you will do your best when you are taking time for prayer, meditation, rest and renewal, and eating healthy foods. 


What I shared today can work for any life changes you want to make. Try applying to finances, relationships, career matters, etc. Try it...You'll like it!



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I hope that you found this week's Meta-Musing helpful. When I found Unity, I found a way of life that works. It also works for everyone, everywhere, and is not limited by religious affiliation.
May your day be filled with good things,
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