Are We Doomed?
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This past week a friend sent me an email, and asked me to review it and share my thoughts. The email was titled "Defying the Doomsayers." It was a commentary on the book "Abundance," that proposes growing technologies have the potential not only to spread information but to solve some of humanity's most vexing problems, and save us from the impending doom scientists and seers are predicting. It is too lengthy to include here, but that is not critical to what I would like to share today.

I will say that I while the article did pose some interesting potential solutions, technology is only as good as those developing and using it.

Today's headlines can be unnerving, and there is much going on in the world to cause concern. I am not in the least surprised by it all, it is simply Metaphysical Law; Spiritual Principle in action. The thoughts we are holding in mind, individually and collectively are manifesting in the world we live in.

Now, there's no need to be putting on sackcloth and ashes and grieving for the state of human consciousness. Unless, of course, you want to give up or it is too uncomfortable or inconvenient to strive toward a better world.

Ps 25:10

All the paths of the LORD are steadfast love and faithfulness,
for those who keep his covenant and his testimonies.


Unity Wisdom

We have thought that we were to be saved by Jesus making personal petitions and sacrifices for us, but now we see that we are to be saved by using the creative (Universal) principles that He developed in Himself, and that He is ever ready to cooperate with us in developing in ourselves by observing the law as He observed.


Charles Fillmore 

My comments on "Are We Doomed:" 

1) The world we live in was created by God; Divine Mind; Principle. The world, and life are meant to be good.


2) We are Children of God. As such, we are co-creators; entrusted with maintaining that which we were blessed with.


3) We are, however, Spiritual Beings having a human experience. We have free will. We co-create either from our human nature, or Spiritual awareness. We have manifested our current conditions and circumstances as individual parts of a collective whole.


4) We, not God, have made this mess. Positive change is not occurring because "we," as a part of the collective, are choosing not to change. In order for change to occur in the collective (race) consciousness there must be an agreement and commitment of the individual parts of the collective (us) to be a part of the solution, and not a part of the problem.


5) With right application of Spiritual Principle, all things are possible, either destroying the planet or making positive changes and overcoming. However, as caretakers and co-creators, we must be willing to make new choices and changes in our lives. We cannot correct our errors at the level of consciousness we created them. We will need to come up higher.


6) The Universe is in a constant state of flux. Changes in consciousness are reflected in circumstances. We need to comprehend and embrace paradox and be flexible to change, while standing frimly in our beliefs and standards. This is what Jesus was trying to teach to the "I-dotting T-crossing" Pharisees who knew only the letter of the law, and not the heart.


7) This is a tough one, but nonetheless a fact of life on Planet Earth: We will change when our pain is severe enough to override our own laziness and self-centered-ness. We must release the error thought that we, of ourselves, know everything, can do everything, and have the only answer. As we open our mind to new possibilities, new possibilities appear, often from the least expected people. God; Spirit; Principle is so much greater than our little minds.   

8) The bad news is: there is no "magic bullet" or "miracle pill" that will save us from ourselves. The good news is: Change can be made as we change the way we think and live. We need only to put on our spiritual work clothes, put shoes on our prayers, and get moving. There is a tipping point in either direction. We can tip the scales to our desired outcome.

10) To save ourselves and life on Planet Earth, it is necessary to comprehend that we are each a part of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. We are neither dependent nor independent, rather we are interdependent. As individual parts of a collective whole we are each responsible for doing our part for the good of the whole.

While the task may seem daunting, we must remember that we are not alone. There are many of us working for change. As we continue to work, and bring the light of Truth to others, we develop what is called "critical mass." This is when we have generated enough positive thought, works and energy to awaken the sleeping, and enlighten the unenlightened. This is beautifully expressed in Ken Keyes "The Hundredth Monkey" which points to the quantum leap that is possible and will be necessary for the change we desire.

A couple of years I introduced the "Change M.A.C.R. Challenge." This calls each one of us to be Mutually Accountable and Collectively Responsible, reminding us that it can be done, when we do it together.


So...are you "in?" Let's do it! Let's change the world!




PS: if you would like a Change M.A.C.R wristband, just contact me and I will send one to you.  


Change Macr Wristband 


I pray that you have enjoyed this week's thought. This is one of the ways that I hope to inspire others live in alignment with Spiritual Principle...which is truly a way of life that works!
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