The Law of Attention
Blessings to you!

Okay, okay...I have not discovered a new Spiritual Law, but I HAVE had an "AHA!" moment that highlights a very important part of the Creative Process. I am calling it the Law of Attention.

Play along with me for a bit...

How many times have you read a book, attended a class, purchased a product demonstrated on TV, etc. only to realize months or years later, you never followed through on whatever seemingly brilliant idea once caught your attention? I would venture to guess it was more times than you would like to admit. Don't worry. You are not alone.

One of the Spiritual Principles we teach of in Unity is the Law of Mind Action. "Where the mind goes, energy flows...and manifestation follows." But where does our mind go? This is important, because wherever our mind goes...IS where our energy flows...and manifestation; our life circumstances, follows. So...if it is distracted and goes nowhere...mmmm...get my drift?

In essence, the Law of Attention would define the Power of Focus. An archer must have complete focus to hit the center of the target. Without that complete focus, he would miss his mark...which is the meaning of the word "sin." I am sure you have seen archers who were capable of hitting their target even blindfolded. Talk about focus!

Thinking about something on occasion is not focusing on it. Daydreaming about something is not focusing on it. Narrowing all of our thoughts and feelings
to a focal point on what it is we want to do, be, have, or say is required. Please note: Thoughts AND Feelings. Both are required.

The thoughts and feelings we have regarding our desire must be congruent. We cannot think "Oh...I would really love to_____," while feeling, "That will never happen!" Where is the focus? There isn't any.

The Law of Attention, or Power of Focus, can work for or against us, depending on the object of our focus.

In a 1972 study on deferred gratification at Stanford University, nursery school children were given a marshmallow, and told that if they waited for the researcher to come back before eating the marshmallow, they would get another one.

It was discovered that the children who focused on the marshmallow were more likely to eat it, and the children that were able to distract themselves did not eat the marshmallow. See? The Power of Focus can be positive, or negative.

Followup over the years has indicated that the children who were able to defer their gratification, (perhaps focusing on the second marshmallow?) had far greater levels of success in life. 

Here are two important yet easy tips to help you focus:

1) Keep images, thoughts and feelings of what you WANT before you. Write affirmations, make a treasure map, make plans, read books and journal about it. Put pictures all around the house. Carry one with you.

2) Prevent images, thoughts and feelings  of what you DO NOT WANT from taking root in your conscious awareness. If you find your attention is snagged on something that you do not want in your life, say loud and clear "CANCEL, CANCEL, CANCEL" and turn your attention to your positive reminders.  

So...give it a try! See if you can engage the Law of Attention to use the Power of Focus in your life.
May your day be bright, beautiful, and better than average!
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