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This Sunday will be the first Sunday of Advent; the Christmas holiday, 2011 is officially underway!  Too often this season that was meant to bless and renew; to reconnect and share love, becomes a time of stress and strife. In our desire to do it all, be it all and have it all we never get to the quiet stable of peace, where Christ is born anew in our heart. This year, I invite you to enjoy A Simple Christmas!
Luke 2:12

And this will be a sign for you: you will find a babe wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger."


Unity Wisdom
Living Christ
Jesus showed men how to live in rest and peace; a simple life. Where the simplicity of His teaching is received and appreciated the people change their manner of living, doing away with ostentation and getting down to the simplicity and beauty of the things that are worthwhile.

Charles Fillmore

Co-founder of Unity

cooking with kids
By slowing down, by simplifying, by breaking some of our consuming and spending habits, by teaching our kids simple pleasures, and by adopting simple pleasures ourselves, we can create a beautiful, happy, fulfilling life. And we won't have to work as hard as we have been to maintain it.

Elaine St. James

"Living the Simple Life"

So many people today claim that they want to live a simpler life, but do not know where to begin. What better time to start than Christmas? The first Sunday of Advent, marks the beginning of the Christian year. I invite you to let it be the beginning of a wonderful new year for you, with a new, simpler, more meaningful life experience.
I find it fascinating that the celebration of a humble birth that occurred in a simple stable; the coming of a humble soul who lived a simple life, touching hearts and changing lives with a simple message of love, has become such an over-the-top celebration of our human wants and pleasures. How did it get to be this way?
How could it not? It is the simple working of Spiritual Principle. The thoughts we consistently hold in our minds manifest in and as our lives. Over the years our attention has shifted from the spiritual depth of the holiday to more worldly interests. No guilt here, please! It would be nearly impossible to escape the annual barrage of colorful magazine ads and heartwarming articles promising us the "Best Christmas Ever," holiday specials, movies, advertisements, etc. that capture AND HOLD our attention.
They paint visual, mental and emotional pictures of what Christmas "should" look, feel and taste like. The only problem is that it is THEIR images, not ours. It is the holding of our attention, and linking it with our emotions that creates our current reality. This is called the creative process. Thought + Feeling = Manifestation.
These distractions are not negative, until and unless they displace what we are commemorating. It is simply out of balance. The trick is to bring it back into balance. If we became off-center through the creative process, we can most certainly reclaim the holiday by consciously chosing where we want to focus. Immutable Spiritual Principle will do the rest!
While I enjoy the lights, gatherings, music, programs, shopping, food and all, I no longer let it take control of my time, energy and thoughts. Why? Because I am learning to live a simpler life. So can you! Don't just trim your tree...trim your calendar, trim your chores, trim your gift list! This makes time and space for rest, relaxation and Spiritual Renewal.
May your Christmas season be bright, beautiful, and better-than-average!


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In the love and light of God,
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November 27 - Simple Faith

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