Nickel and Dimed to Prosperity
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As 2011 winds down and 2012 will soon be dawning, I would like to invite you to a whole new experience of prosperity. The true meaning of prosperity is rather difficult to pin down, especially if one connects it only to financial gain and material possessions. There is so very much more.

Unfortunately many of us seem to be dancing to the tune of the insidious "Pied Piper of Perceived Prosperity." Dancing along to the sound of his flute, they follow him to a land of debt, disappointment, and dissatisfaction; a land where enough is never enough. Today I invite you to consider another possibility...  
god's abundance
Proverbs 16:20 

He who gives heed to the word will prosper,and happy is he who trusts in the LORD.


Unity Wisdom

The difference between spiritual prosperity and material prosperity is that spiritual prosperity is founded on understanding of the inexhaustible, omnipresent substance of Spirit as the source of supply; the material belief is that the possession of things constitutes prosperity.

Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity


Live Long and Prosper Vulcan Wisdom

"Live Long and Prosper"
Dr. Spock
Star Trek 
Have you  ever noticed that you can have a twenty dollar bill in your wallet for days without any need of it? But the minute you break the twenty it seems to evaporate. What's up with that?

You see, once the twenty is broken into smaller increments, each part is our mind. "It's just a dollar," we think. And then it is gone. That is when we find the thing we really want or need that costs only twenty dollars, but we no longer have it. And probably little to show for it.

I see this every day, speaking to people who have nickle and dimed themselves into lack and limitation. In the world of "I want it all, I want it now," we have lost the delicious excitement of anticipation to the thief we call "instant gratification."

Many years ago, my granddaughter Samantha saw a lovely parasol with a ballerina on it. She wanted it desperately. Over the next few weeks, she would do extra chores to earn money. One day, she had enough for the parasol. I don't know which one of us was more excited as she purchased it, and watched the woman write her name on the pink fabric.

At that moment, Samantha learned the joy of working to earn something, and buying it on her own. Too many people are deprived of this experience today through a shift in consciousness. We forgo the self-discipline and patience to save for something we really want, settling for a quantity of lesser "stuff" that was available instantly and provided momentary gratification. 

I wonder, as I drive by the acres of self-storage units that are so prevalent today, how much of that stuff is really wanted, needed and used? And now they have to pay storage fees to hold it!

These may not be the best of financial times, but that does not mean that we cannot prosper. We can turn around the "nickle and dimed to debt" consciousness and make it "nickle and dimed to prosperity." We can pay first, enjoy later, and release the "sin" (self-inflicted-nonsense) of frivolous debt.

Suze Orman teaches us to spend only paper money, and to put our change in a jar at the end of the day. Then when the jar is full, put it in the bank. I do this and it is amazing how much I can save.

The key to nickle and dime-ing your way to prosperity is small, consistent, incremental, habitual savings. True prosperity includes being satisfied with what we have, self-disciplined, and confident in God's abundant provision. We buy what we want when we have the money.

You may be thinking, "I just don't have any money to save!" Well, if you simply give up one Starbucks or Dunkin' Donut purchase a week and put the money in a savings account, you will be amazed at your prosperity!

Or you can have your employer divide your direct deposit, assigning a small portion to your savings account. Again, small, consistent, incremental, habitual savings. It all adds up!

The world sells us schemes like lotteries, gambling, "easy credit" (there's nothing "easy" about the interest!) even some investment schemes. The odds of prospering in this are abysmal. The odds of prospering through small, consistent, incremental, habitual savings, and paying as you go are unlimited! I invite you to nickle and dime yourself to prosperity!

Practical Prosperity Tip
stop sign
Beware of
this "easy money" temptation!

I am shocked by how many people subject themselves to "easy money" payday loans that are everywhere today.

Playing on either our weakness, or sometimes desperate need, these companies seem to provide the answer to getting money NOW! Oh...and of course that would for a "small fee."

Sign on that line, and if you don't pay it back quickly, with interest rates of 300% or more, you will pay a price greatly exceeding the value of anything you may purchase with it.

Like an addiction, I have seen people go from one payday loan to another and yet another, getting deeper and deeper into debt with each one.

If you have been tempted to get a payday loan, I urge you to be patient. Practice self-discipline, and avoid this downward spiral to debt.
Remember: small, consistent, incremental, habitual savings will lead you to the true prosperity of being satisfied with what you have, debt-free and in the flow!
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