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Go to any school yard, playground, or place where children can be found, and you will find them "practicing" their dreams. They may be moving dirt around with a toy bulldozer, piloting an invisible plane around the playground, dancing, singing, rocking a baby doll or doing any of the countless things children do to enjoy life and express their divine energy.

Once...not that long ago,..that was you and me! What happened to the dreams we dreamed, and activities we loved and practiced back then; the visions of ourselves being astronauts and ballerinas, or doctors, or... yes... homemakers!? Are they gone forever? Have we lost them?

Don't give up on the joy and fulfillment these things bring...recapture them! Read on for a simple way to bring simple pleasures and "serious play" back into your life.


Sirach 14:14
Ballerina Sammie 
Do not deprive yourself of a happy day;
let not your share of desired good pass by you.


Unity Wisdom
Matthew Halloween 1
"A Desire is an expression of the inmost being of man; the onward impulse of an ever-evolving man. The desire to excel (and express) is the inspiration of the Holy Spirit..." 

Charles Fillmore, "The Revealing Word"
Timeless Treasure  
Jiminy Cricket 

"A Dream is a wish your heart makes" 

Jiminy Cricket

So...where are your dreams; your childhood joy and imaginings? Think back...what were your favorite toys? How did you play "grown-up?" What were you doing in your play time? How much of that is a part of your life today? Did you settle for something less?

I have pondered this much in the past couple of years, as the "Autumn" of my life approaches. In the more recent past my sister Melissa and I have embarked on a shared, reflective study of what matters most, and simplifying our lives to reflect those things.

The good news is that I am more aware of what matters most in my life, and strive daily to take even baby steps in the direction of my joy. More good news is that I know I have all I need to make this happen. With God, all things are possible.

Here's a simple "wake up" exercise for you:

1) Write down 5 activities that you really enjoy doing.

Do not move forward until you have done this part. Things on my list include playing the guitar, writing, entertaining, etc. I have a ton of them, but try to find 5 of your absolute favorites.

Stop here to write and ponder.

2) Write down the 5 activities that occupy most of your time.

Again, stop here to write and ponder, and don't read on until you've done that.

3) Compare the lists. If they do not relate to each other, ask yourself how you can change your life to bring more "want-to's" and fewer "have-to's."

This does not mean to become irresponsible or narcissistic, rather to honor yourself and the dreams God put in your heart to express.

When we were children, my sister Valarie had a dream to be an "old maid artist," and I wanted to be a nun. Today, while she is no "old maid," she is an artist in many mediums including knitting, quilting, watercolors and Chinese brush painting. And...as you know...I am a Unity minister.

Another dream of mine is writing. In my sixth-grade classroom I placed a writing assignment on my teacher's desk. I was tingling with anticipation of a great grade and envisioning myself to be a writer. It was a story about a man going in a rocket ship to another planet. I thought it was wonderful. I even illustrated it. When it was returned to my desk with a low grade, each corrective red mark on it was like a knife to my heart. I decided that I could not write, and for many years did not.

As a Unity minister, it was required that I write. I needed to write school papers, sermons, class lessons, etc. I also wrote stories for children that were very well received. This week, I was published in Unity magazine. I hope there will be more to come. I pray that the messages I write and send to you each week will touch your heart and help you to live a more joyful life.

And so I encourage you in YOUR dreams. Find your joy, follow your dreams. They have been with you all your life.

May your day be blessed, RevAli

Val Artist October 2011  
Val with a recent painting
Unity Mag Article Published
Me with magazine article published
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This year, enjoy the holiday season with friends and family, not out shopping, spending money you don't have to buy things you don't need to buy.

Make your Black Friday experience GREEN Friday!
Enjoy the leftovers with your family or just "chillin' after the holiday, knowing that your shopping is done and gifts are waiting for you on the Lay-Away plan.

And when New Years' Day arrives, there will be no fear of the mail carrier because there will be NO bills coming your way!

How's that for a great way to start the new year?

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Some folks are afraid of missing a "sale price," just remember credit card charges will quickly erode any perceived savings!!

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