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Practical Prosperity Tip
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As people everywhere strive to regain their economic stability, I thought it would be a great idea to include a "prosperity tip" with the weekly Meta-Musing.

I hope you enjoy them.



This week's Tip




No matter what the size of your checkbook balance, you're never too broke to pay attention!


My years of work as a bank customer service agent taught me well that people simply do not pay attention to the money they spend, or their spending habits.


In Unity we teach "Life is Consciousness," but many people are financially unconscious. Millions of dollars are incurred by people every year in overdraft fees. The main cause of overdraft fees? Not paying attention to bank balances or keeping a register.


Conscious Prosperity requires awareness of what we spend and how! 




Blessings to You!


Some of us have tried repeatedly to achieve Mastery in our lives. We truly wish to be "the Master of all we survey"..."Master of our soul"...and wonder why it's just not happening! Have you ever wondered why you have not achieved the Mastery you desire in your life in spite of the work you continuously do to reach that goal?


Well, below you will find a few possibilities that may just help you break through the wall or leap over the stumbling block!    

Matt 10:24--25
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"A disciple is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his master; it is enough for the disciple to be like his teacher, and the servant like his master."
Unity Wisdom
Winter Sean
We demonstrate mastery and dominion by persistently thinking thoughts of power and strength in the absolute principle of Truth, and through the I AM establishing them in our own consciousness.

Charles Fillmore, Co-founder of Unity

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Are You Teachable?  We all like to think we are. The key word here is "think." We are teachable only when we are willing to look at points of view, principles and theories other than our own and decide what is true for ourselves.


In the faith community I grew up in, exploring other religions, spiritual practices or beliefs was condemned as "worshiping false gods." Because of this, I was "unteachable." It took decades for me to overcome my fears and follow my inner call to explore different theologies and philosophies. To my delight, without invalidating any of them, I came to a deeper Spiritual understanding of all of them.  


But this is not about what church one attends. This is about our overall willingness to be teachable. It is about our ability to stand for what we believe, while remaining flexible enough to ponder other concepts. It is about overcoming the need to be right, and admitting when we are wrong.  


Many people sit in church on Sundays, or in class at school, or at a workshop or seminar, nodding their heads in agreement with the leader, perhaps even making notes. Then, when the service or event is over they close their notebooks as well as their minds and go back to life as it always has been. The message, seminar, book, workshop or class was not assimilated. Even a perfect lesson can have no effect if it is not received and comprehended.  


Achieving Mastery is not magical, it is metaphysical. It manifests through the application of Universal Principle in our habitual thoughts, words and actions. All of our learning is impotent without application of the teaching. Mastery is the result of direct experience.   


Paradoxically, Mastery can also come through direct revelation. This is what we "know that we know that we know," we just don't know how we know it. The ability to accept paradox is a step to, and sign of Spiritual Mastery.  


For example, Jesus was criticized by the Pharisees because his disciples picked grain on the Sabbath, which was contrary to Jewish religious law. Jesus responded, "The Sabbath was made for man, man was not made for the Sabbath."   


So, the law or principle of "keep holy the Sabbath;" the need to take time away from our labors to rest, renew and worship is not invalidated because of the disciple's hunger. As you may or may not know it is not easy to be holy and hungry at the same time. Having some lunch improved their Sabbath.


So...are you teachable? Remember, school's never out for those seeking Mastery. On to your Mastery!


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