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The Other Three Fingers 



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As August 2nd draws near, there is no shortage of finger pointing and blame. Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party, organizations and individuals each defending with passion their point of view. Considering the news reports of the dire financial circumstances we are facing today, it is only natural that we are looking for someone to blame. But there is something missing... something critically important.


Want to know what? Read on!


 Sirach 11:Do not find fault before you investigate; first consider, and then reprove.




Unity Wisdom


Then comes depression, hard times, shortage, and we wonder why, looking for some way to lay the blame on the government, or on war, or on industry, or even on the Lord, but never by any chance do we put the blame where it belongs: on ourselves.   


Charles Fillmore, Co-founder of Unity 



Financially, the people of America are on edge.  

We are looking for someone to point the finger of blame at, so that we can make them fix our financial crisis. Unfortunately we are forgetting the Truth in the old adage, "When you point your finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you.


Whether consciously or unconsciously; by virtue of our Oneness we have co-created our current circumstances. This is not to say that the "powers that be" are blameless. We are ALL in this together. 


The governmental financial crisis is a reflection of the financial crises of the of the people. It is time to take personal and collective responsibility for the situation so that we can shift the consciousness that created it. Let's consider the following three "fingers" that point back at us:  


Finger One: Our own unbridled spending

The typical American spends more than is earned. We spend, not a matter of "need" but perceived need, or want. We want the latest gadgets, cars, media and styles, and the biggest houses. So-called "easy" credit makes it possible. We may be enticed by advertising and media, but nobody is forcing us to buy, buy, buy. In our desire to have more stuff for less money many manufacturers have been forced to move their jobs to other countries.   


Finger Two: Ignorance and Avoidance

Too many of us are neither financially nor politically well informed. Our votes are typically cast, and dollars spent not on facts, but the opinions of the "talking heads" and headlines; the sizzle not the steak. Seriously, how often have we researched the claims of the opposition to our opinion; or those with a sympathetic point of view, for validity? 


Finger Three: Putting self before the greater whole

All factions seem to be fighting to retain what is "theirs." In Truth, because we are One, it is collectively "ours." There is nothing wrong with taking care of ourselves and providing for our financial future... until it stands in the way of the good of the whole. Prime examples of this are not paying our fair share of taxes and making demands on our employers beyond their ability to provide and prosper as well as not providing our employers with a fair day's work for our pay. WE are at the core of outsourcing. We priced ourselves out of the market.  


The flower has no thought of self as it opens its' petals freely giving of color and fragrance and pollen. The color, fragrance and pollen are all a part of the great plan for abundance for all. In opening its' petals and offering all that it is, all that it has, it opens itself to pollination, which enables it to bear fruit. This same principle applies to each of us. 


Three words we have heard repeatedly in the past several weeks are "Cut, Cap and Balance." Applied to ourselves, perhaps it is time for each of us to:


1) Cut excessive spending. Cut our bills. Cut the tether to our credit line. Cut up the sale fliers that entice us to go beyond our limits. Cut excessive buying and when we buy, look for "Made in USA."  


2) Cap making opinions until we are certain of the facts. Cap information sources that you have found to be incorrect, negative and biased.  


3) Balance our checkbooks. Balance the flow of money and resources, in and out; giving and receiving. Balance our own needs with the needs of others.  


We each have the opportunity and potential to be Change M.A.C.Rs in this financial crisis...through Mutual Accountability and Collective Responsibility.


Now...go forth and prosper! 



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