Key to the Perfect Family Vacation 

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Many folks are looking forward to vacation time, and spending that time with family. Yet too often, as the vacation time winds to an end, the results just don't measure up to our expectations. As planes are boarded or goodbyes are said, a sigh of relief is frequently breathed. Well, this can be the result of "Metaphysical Malpractice," and is avoidable!


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1 Cor 13...
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Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends.

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Unity Wisdom...
july 4 2010

We demonstrate nonresistance by denying all intellectual opposition or antagonism. When the substance of divine love is poured out upon all alien thoughts we are not bothered by them any more.

Rev. Sue Sikking, Unity Minister 


The Key to a Perfect Family Vacation...
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Those of us who consider ourselves to be positive thinkers, or Truth students, may sometimes wonder why their "perfectly planned vacation" turned out to be stressful and far from perfect.

We may have made a plan and a treasure map, prayed the prayers and held the positive thoughts. After all, that is what the "Law of Attraction," setting our intention and positive thinking are about, no?

Well, yes...but there is more to it than that. When we are talking "family" vacation, but the family is not fully involved and invested in the plans, and treasure maps and prayers and positive thoughts it is pretty likely they have their own ideas about what will make a perfect vacation.

The "ideal" places to go, things to do and foods to eat vary greatly. Even the concepts of what a vacation should look like can be a stumbling block. On my recent visit with my sons in the Midwest and their families one of our primary activities was cooking together. It is our tradition that when I come to town we make pierogi. And other stuff...lots of it! cooking with kids

Friends of mine were shocked, saying "When you come to town, you are the guest. Your family should do all the work." But for me, cooking for my family is a rare treat. If I had the expectation of my friends, I would miss out on a precious part of the time spent with my family.

There can be any number of things that can "go wrong" with our plan, such as finances, health, weather, transportation or the schedules of attractions or events. Whether or not this impacts us negatively is up to us.

It is "metaphysical malpractice" to try to manipulate the "big picture" to our own satisfaction. If we truly believe that God; Spirit, is our Source of all Good, then we can trust that our good may not look exactly like we thought it would. We can keep in mind that the storms that seemed to deprive us of a day at the beach brought us back to the board games, popcorn, love and laughter we had almost forgot about.

A family vacation is not all about you. It is all about family. It is made perfect in accepting its imperfections. It is made perfect through nonresistance and flexibility. It is made perfect is loving what makes us alike and accepting what makes us different. It is made perfect in honoring and respecting the desires of others. more thing...

For those of us who consider ourselves to be spiritually aware, it is necessary to understand that our awareness requires us to be exceedingly understanding and tolerant with those who are not yet awakened. As the Bible teaches us: "...outdo one another in showing honor."

So...go ahead and make your plans, hopefully with input from the rest of the family. Cut and paste your treasure map, pray your prayers and hold your positive thoughts. AND...remember to be flexible and nonresistant, let your plan include, "This or something better, thank you, God!"

May this year's...and every vacation that follows be perfect!
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Rev. Alicia-Leslie
Minister, Spirit of Unity
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