Meta-Musing ~ Living the Truth
Blessings to You!

Last time, we looked at "The Truth about Truth." One of the most important things to know is that Truth IS. It is absolute, eternal, and unchanging. Truth never changes. Our knowledge, understanding and experience of Truth is what changes.

So, it only makes sense that if we want to be Living the Truth, we will need to know and understand the basic Truth principles. As it says in the Bible, "You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free!"

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PS 15:1,2

 O LORD, who shall sojourn in thy tent?

Who shall dwell on thy holy hill?

 He who walks blamelessly, and does what is right,

and speaks truth from his heart


Unity Wisdom

You must get into your own mind a clear idea of what the goodness of God is, and that, that goodness extends into every department of your being. If there is any evil in you, it is the result of your own error thought... Charles Fillmore

And as you change your change your life! Rev. Alicia


If you should want to be a musician, but do not understand the basic principles of music, chances are it is just not going to happen. The same thing is true of living the Truth. So, to be a musician, one would study music, to live Truth, study Truth.

Yet knowing is not enough. To know, but not live Truth is to live a lie. While "ignorance is bliss" may be a common saying, it is ultimately not a statement of Truth. Whether ignorant, or "ignor-ant," we will continue to be subject to the angst of the "human condition" until we learn and live in alignment with Spiritual Principle, aka Truth.

There are two kinds of knowledge of Truth. One is intellectual, "book" knowledge  and the other, is the intuitive-sensing knowledge. To one degree or another, we all use both types of knowledge. In one case we are taught, or learn from experience, and in the other we "know that we know that we know." At one point in our spiritual journey we will no longer need to learn. As the Bible says, "You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free."

Truth does not have a "religion" or "denomination," but is found in all religions and denominations according to the understanding of the originators and participants. 

"Truth Students." read, study, and attend classes about principles of Truth. They pray, meditate and ponder the Divine. This process brings alignment to the "God vibration;" Principle; Spirit.
Here, we feel the vibration of God...all good...and find peace, joy and wholeness.

In Truth, we are all Truth students as we seek to find the good, and the meaning in life.
We seek as we attend the church of our choice, read inspirational books, attend inspiring workshops or classes, pray and ponder. There is an exciting world of Spirit beyond the one we see with our eyes!

When we are "out of alignment," we tend to be out-of-sorts and ego-driven; true happiness is elusive in spite of our efforts to obtain it. To live the Truth is to be firm yet flexible. It is to live in alignment with what you think, know or believe to be Truth while remaining open to new levels of understanding. This is not always easy, and it usually won't win you any popularity contests.

There is an ongoing battle between the ignorant, ego-driven lower nature and the Spiritual nature that is the Truth of our Being...all we are growing to become. The lower nature is lazy and narcissistic. It wants to take the easy way and wants what it wants regardless of any negative consequences.

Whenever we acquiesce to the lower nature, there may be an immediate pleasure, but that pleasure is soon washed away in waves of regret. On the other hand, every time we live the Truth, even when it is difficult, the peace and joy of that action never ends. Living the Truth requires effort and self-discipline. It is often uncomfortable and inconvenient. The rewards of living the Truth however, are immeasurable.

Spiritual awareness, study, prayer and meditation enhance our sensitivity to movement in consciousness toward, or away from the "good vibrations" of Truth; of all that is good. We have a wonderful guide and gift in our quest to live the Truth. It is called "guilt." While maligned by many, guilt is the sensor that warns us that we have veered off our path, like the rumble bumps on the shoulder of the road that alert us should we drift.

You see, we each have everything we need to live a happy and fulfilling life. So tune in to the "God Vibration" today and live the Truth!

Many blessings, RevAli

If you would like to find some great resources for your spiritual journey to Living the Truth, just click the link below!

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Today is my birthday...and I am thanking God for my life, the gift of ministry, and your presence in my life and "cyber-ministry." Thank you for being a part of it. If I have blessed your life in even a small way, that is the best birthday gift of all.  



Rev. Alicia Leslie