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The Truth about Truth
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Complete this sentence:
"I swear to tell.............................................................."
You probably said, "The truth, only the truth, and nothing but the Truth." But what is Truth? And how do we know if the Truth we are hearing is really only error thought, belief, or opinion? Or is it a flat-out lie, intended to manipulate or deceive?
Want some help sorting it out? Read on!

Sirach 27:9


Birds flock with their kind;

so truth  returns to those who practice it


Unity Wisdom


Truth--The Absolute; that which accords with God as divine principle; that which is, has been, and ever will be; that which eternally is. The Truth of God is reality: "the same yesterday and to-day, yea and for ever."


Charles Fillmore: The Revealing Word

Many years ago, as a bright-eyed new student of Unity, I was excitedly telling a friend of mine that I was attending a "Lessons in Truth" class. The friend responded, in a rather cynical way; "Oh yeah... what is Truth?"
Since I had just started the class I found it difficult to find the words to express what I knew to be true on a spiritual level. It was like trying to explain color to someone who is blind. So, I responded in the best way that I could muster, "It is what is true for you."
This was correct, and at the same time incorrect. Believing something is true does not make it so. In Unity we teach that Truth is that which is absolute, eternal and unchanging. Truth never changes, but our understanding or experience of it changes, according to our level of spiritual understanding.
Consider how some "truths" have changed in the course of our lives; for example we discovered that there is no "Santa Claus" as we had been taught as a "truth" when we were children. And yet as we matured spiritually we have found that the Spirit of Giving expressed by and as St. Nicholas; an inspiring spirit of love and generosity that moves our souls to give...especially at Christmas time...is Truth.
 Many of us found the "truths" we were taught in school, church or Sunday school were not "the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth." We discovered that our teachers, clergy and parents could be fallible, and passing along their own error thoughts and beliefs as "Truth." I don't believe I need to even mention politics.
It is easy and understandable to just stop believing in anything we cannot see; hold in our hands or control. This is demonstrated in the perceived incompatibility of science and religion or spirituality. Yet there exists within each of us a desire to know and reconnect with that "something" greater than the mundane; ultimate good. So, most of us continue to search.
The two most important qualities required for our search for Truth are flexibility and strength. We must be able to stand firmly on our beliefs, while remaining flexible enough to consider other possibilities. Charles Fillmore, cofounder of Unity said: "I reserve the right to change my mind according to my ever-unfolding awareness."  
Truth is not something we learn. It is something we "know;" we "feel" within the core of our being. What stands between our realization of this Truth and our daily experience is our current state of awareness. To get to the Truth, we need to work our way through our own "stuff;" the thoughts, beliefs, opinions, feelings, and what we want to be true.
We need to work our way past "facts," or current "realities." Jesus taught that we must not judge by appearance. We need to be willing to accept the possibility that our "truth" was in fact an erroneous belief. Truth: Principle, Spirit, Law, God IS absolute, eternal and unchanging. It is greater than our comprehension of it. It is greater than religious denominations, greater than the highest "scientific evidence." Truth will endure beyond any lie or misconception.
Charles Fillmore, said "The test of Truth is that it satisfies both the logic of your mind and the longing of your heart."  The search for Truth is optional, but our experience of its Principles; or Laws is not. In other words, we will live either by "truth or consequences" through the Truth Principle we call the Law of Cause and Effect.
So...what will it be for you; Truth...or Consequences?
The choice is yours!
Have a blessed day, RevAli
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This week, I invite you to explore your Truths...what is absolute, eternal and unchanging, and what is evolving through your Soul in new understanding. Thank you for taking the time to  read this message.




Rev. Alicia Leslie