Meta-Musing ~ The Secret of Doing the Impossible

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I don't know about you, but sometimes the number and scope of things that need change in my life, family and the world can feel overwhelming. There is a great temptation to throw up my hands and say, "It can't be done...this is utterly impossible! It is bigger than all of us!"


But I know better. All of that 'stuff' is not the Truth. How do we get past the Impossible? To find out, read on!


Matt 9:23

And Jesus said to him, "If you can! All things are possible to him who believes."


Unity Wisdom


When you say 'Yes!" to the creative flow within you you begin to experience I-am-positive-I-can attitudes which turn on the powers and skills needed to accomplish. When you believe you can do it, the how-to-do-it develops.


How to Do The Impossible
mouse maze \Consider the mouse in a maze. It can smell the cheese that awaits at the end of the maze, but hits dead end after dead the end however, it will find the cheese. Not because it did not hit 'dead ends,' but because it did not give up. It did not quit. From the dead end, it looked for the next possibility. So can we! To do the impossible, all you need is a little space, and a little room for God to work. Are you ready?

All you need to do, is just stop thinking "impossible," and start thinking "I'm Possible."  It's that simple...from IMpossible to I'm possible. I AM possible. With God (I AM), and me (I am) all things are possible.

So often, when people find themselves challenged, they just give up. How sad is that!? Dreams are unrealized, challenges remain unmet, and needs unfulfilled, not because they are not possible, but because we do not believe they are possible; because we do not have the faith in God, creator of all Divine Ideas, and we do not believe in ourselves. .  

There is an unlimited realm of possibilities and ideas available to each one of us, but we cannot access them from a self-imposed imprisonment to limitation. Don't ask "Why?" when you feel limitation, ask "Why not?" to all possibility. Open your mind to your own brilliance!

A homemaker in America one day heard about the plight of a village in Peru, where the infant mortality rate was very high because there were no laundry facilities, and the high altitude prevented timely drying of blankets and such. Because of the constant dampness, babies would get sick and die. What can a person do? A simple homemaker with few resources of her own thought beyond "impossible" to I'm Possible."

What could she do? She had a yard sale and generated other ideas to raise money. Soon a washer and a dryer were being paraded, pulled by donkey carts, several miles up the mountain and into the village with great celebration. From that humble beginning, an organization has developed that empowers third world countries to grow through a catalog of hand made products they sell to support themselves.

What "impossibilities" are you currently facing? How can you change them from IMpossibilities, to I'm Possibilities?

Today I am calling you to come up higher. Move from being an "impossible thinker" to an "I'm possible do-er."

Now, go to your destiny! RevAli


I pray that today you have been inspired to overcome your "impossibilities." If you are looking for a church that teaches these powerful, practical, positive principles please join us any Sunday at 10:00 a.m.


If you already have a church home, do check our website often for classes and events that will support you in your spiritual path whatever that is, wherever you worship.




Rev. Alicia Leslie
Spirit of Unity Church  

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