What's So Good About Good Friday?

Blessings to You!


While "Good Friday" is not a gift-giving occasion (yet!), it has a gift to offer all people of all faiths, when we learn to unlock its' power. Whatever your faith-group, I invite you to consider that possibility...and read on.  


It seems to me, that when I was a child Good Friday had much more significance than it does today. Schools were closed, as were banks and many businesses. This was not so that we could go play, clean the house, shop or cook for Easter. It was a time to ponder and pray.

The sacred time was 12 noon to 3 p.m. It commemorated the time that Jesus hung on the cross. During that time there needed to be quiet in the house...if you were at home. No television, radio, or telephone. It was a somber time.

On Good Friday it was not acceptable to go out to dinner, or to a party or movie. This was a day of mourning and trying to relate to Jesus' suffering.

Not so much today. Today folks are running about working, shopping, cleaning, cooking, etc. Far to busy enjoying life to think about the suffering of a man...one of countless others...who was crucified 2000 years ago.

The sad part is that we have lost a precious opportunity to learn by Jesus' example how to deal with and overcome life's struggles. If you've ever wondered where the miracles have gone, or how we have come to be in such a mess here on planet earth, or why we just can't seem to turn things around.

Most folks today "don't do suffering." We do not want to think about or in any way engage in anything uncomfortable or inconvenient. We avoid the "C" word (commitment). Consequently, we are not real good at 'hanging in there.' When the going gets tough, we take the easiest route "outta Dodge." And I mean DODGE. Many folks wear a cross around their neck, with no real understanding of what it really symbolizes.

I wear a cross. It is not a crucifix, rather it is an empty cross that reminds me that as I "cross out" the negative parts of my mind and heart, I too can overcome whatever comes at me. Yet the significance of the crucifix remains...and the question...how far would you go to stand by what you believe to be right, and good and true? How far would you be willing to go to overcome and find eternal joy?

I would like to invite you to take a few minutes today to watch a powerful presentation I have put together, that includes the mystical, historical and metaphysical perspectives on Jesus' "Good Friday." It is good because through its' observance we can learn to overcome...and find our Easter Morning Victory!

To view the Powerpoint presentation, just click on the link below, and the link in the page that comes up.

Download Good Friday Meditation 

May your Good Friday be blessed and meaningful. RevAli


It is our sincere prayer that this message has touched your heart and mind, and made your day...and maybe even your life a little richer. Whatever your faith group, we pray knowing the One God is always there to guide, direct and bless us all.  


If you are in the Middlesex/New London Counties of Connecticut, know that we would love to see you on Easter or any other Sunday at 10 a.m. Wherever you are, I encourage you to spend some time each week at the church, synagogue, temple or mosque of your choice...with your Spiritual Family, which we know in Truth, we also are a part of.



Rev. Alicia-Leslie