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Meta-Musing ~ Time for a Techno-Diet?

Eccl 10:12 

Ben and savannah with lips

The words of a wise man's mouth win him favor,

but the lips of a fool consume him.


Grandchildren Savannah and Ben with silly wax lips 

Unity Wisdom 

"All words are formative, not all words are creative. The creative Word lays hold of Spirit substance and power."

Charles Fillmore, "The Revealing Word."

Photo: Grandchildren Rachel and Christopher, and Daughter in Law April - High-touch communication through play.

My Beloved Readers;


If I haven't told you recently, I so appreciate that you take precious moments of your time to read the words of my heart and soul. It is my most sincere prayer that what I am sharing is meaningful and not an unwanted intrusion in your overflowing email box.


We are living in a time of severe information overload. My own email boxes are overflowing...I think I have over 700 unread as I type. Technology seems to be taking over. It is time for a Techno-Diet.


As you ponder this possibility, I pray that the offering I send each week will be considered soulfully nourishing, and not empty calories. My intention is to be a spiritual support system for you, and each message comes from my heart and soul to you...personally.


I want you to know...yes...YOU...that I love you, I bless you, I appreciate you, and I behold the divinity in you!


So...are you ready for a techno-diet? Read on!

This is India
Where your tech support questions are answered.
tech support

Okay. This is not ALL of India. There are many places in India that are breathtaking, beautiful and spiritual. But this photo does cause, in the depth of my soul, a feeling of angst and spiritual claustrophobia. I think it is a pretty good image of what is going on, all too often, in our very own minds, lives, families and world today.


For example, our connections to each other. My big issue this week was, "To Tweet or not to Tweet." Many folks are tweeting trivial twitters, broadcasting meaningless messages about their current location, or exclamation of their "mood

du jour." I'm sorry. I just don't get it.


Oh...and then WHICH social network...Facebook, Plaxo, Linkedin, Yahoo, AOL, Google? STOP! I want out! But...will my "friends" be offended if I don't "friend" them in their new network?


On the other hand, we are encouraged to use "Social Networks" to communicate important information, updates, regarding our lives, businesses and for me, as a minister, events at the church I serve. I want very much to share...to see your posts and pics and yes, to let distant friends and family know what is up in my life...but I don't want to get caught up in the trivia. I want less quantity, more quality. Information overload has become a dangerous epidemic.



The same thing is true for all of our technology. Not all that long ago, we were happy with a camera, computer, and cell phone. Now we have to have a camera in our computer (Yikes, Skype!), a computer keyboard and camera in our cell phone, oh...and a "real" camera in our purse. Let's not forget the Ipad, Iphone, Ipod, netbook, notebook, 3G, 4G...how many do you have? all I can say is, "Oh gee!" We talk a lot...but is it "much ado about nothing?" 


It is a paradox. The trick is to sort out the meaningful from the meaningless, the necessary from the needless, the "gold" from the "dross." Let's not let the "high-tech" overtake the "high-touch." Example: Last night we went to the theater, and there were people texting throughout the show! They may have thought they were "in touch," but never have they been so "out of touch!"


So dear ones...you can find me on Facebook, and on the other end of whatever phone you use, and on the other end of your keyboard, and of course in person whenever possible. That is the BEST high-touch! Forgive me if I do not respond to your requests to hop in to your other networks.


In order for me to remain "IN but not OF the world," I need to streamline by going on a "techno-diet;" to unplug on a regular basis, and when I plug in, to keep it at a minimal, meaningful level. I want to take time regularly to stop typing, stop texting, and start talking...in meaningful, high-touch communication.


Of course the most important communication that we can engage in is our daily time in communication with God; Spirit, and our own inner-Being. This is where we find Truth, inspiration and guidance.


I will be continuing to send the Meta-Musing, praying you find it worthy of your email box and read-time. Thank you, again for the honor of receiving what I send.


May your day be blessed and beautiful!



PS: I will not be "tweeting" anytime soon. 

Matthew and Me Summer 2010

Grandson Matthew and Me ~ July 2010

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Rev. Alicia Leslie
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