Meta-Musing ~ After The Fall
bad dog Blessings to You!

On this 12th day of January, many of us may have found that we have already broken...if not, bent...our New Year's Resolutions. We may find  that we are disappointed in ourselves enough to toss the resolutions out and give up.


If only this were the only thing we have to be upset about on our journey of transformation! As we move along our path, we all tend to make mistakes.


For me, it seems that I tend to be hardest on myself when I trip over a stumbling block and fall. KNOWING the Spiritual Principles, and thinking, speaking, or acting in any way contrary, results in disappointment and frustration. I sometimes ask myself, "Are you EVER going to get this right?"

 Does this in any way sound familiar to you? If so...and you'd like to know how to get past the on!

Isaiah 26:24


And those who err in Spirit will come to understanding, and those who murmur will accept instruction."


Unity Wisdom

Stumbling blocks at first may seem to be in the physical environment, but closer discernment reveals that they are primarily in the mind. Therefore, we should not put additional weight into the already existing obstacles by filling them with the thought-stuff of condemnation


Charles Fillmore

The Revealing Word


Whenever you have let yourself down, you may have fallen, but you CAN get up. And then you can get back on your path and keep on keeping on.


We tend however, to sit on our behind, churning the event over and over in our minds, perhaps even wallowing in guilt or shame. Like the "instant replay" of the Wide World of Sports intro where the skier painfully topples over and over helplessly down the mountain, we replay the event, the words, the action in our mind and heart.


Unfortunately, this error is hampering our healing even more than the initial event. It is like picking at the scab of a wound, that only interferes with the healing, but also can cause infection. The initial event can fester in our mind and heart causing a more toxic condition.


How can we stop it? Well, by the law of cause and effect, we can know that the mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual pain we are feeling is the effect of a cause set forth.'s the tricky part...behind the cause we set forth was the effect of a previous cause. The trick is to break the "chain reaction" of negative thought.


For example, one of the more common chain reactions can be found in dieting. We declare that we are going to lose XX pounds in the new year. Then, the chips hidden in the back of the cupboard start to call our name mercilessly. We may be able to turn it off at first... but, as most diet challenges are emotional, if anything upsets us, we are soon looking remorsefully  at the bottom of the empty chip bag.

This is not a ramdom act of snacking. Behind the action is an emotional trigger that can have been set in place decades prior. Own self-inflicted guilt and shame reinforce the trigger, and so it goes.


The powerful solution is the same as the powerful trigger...even moreso because ultimately YOU have the power to break the chain. Knowledge is power.


So...first of all, acknowledge that it happened. You fell. You err'd. You 'sinned.' Next seek understanding through prayer and meditation. What was it that was behind the event? What was said, thought, or felt right before you opened the kitchen cabinet, opened your mouth in anger, lit that cigarette, or whatever your stumbling block is.


It is important to not keep re-running it in your mind and heart. Where the mind goes, energy flows, and manifestation follows. Put your mind and heart where you want your life to be, and let the energy flow.


If this is a matter where "ammends" need to be made, do so. Quickly. Be willing to acknowledge your error, understand the cause, then GET OVER IT. Do not keep returning to the event in your mind or heart and picking at the scab. Move on. Forgive yourself. As the old addage goes, "To err is human, to forgive is divine." a



As Spiritual Beings (divine) having a human experience, we can forgive the human and edify the spiritual. Always remind I so frequently need to do so are a beautiful and beloved Child of God, who loves you with unlimited, undying love.


Have a bright, beautiful, better than average day.



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Rev. Alicia Leslie

I appreciate you!


Thank your so much for allowing me to come into your share from my heart to yours. It is always my sincerest desire to, in some way, assist you along your path of transformation as we share the journey we call "life." Know that your taking the time and energy to read and consider what I have shared inspires me along, encouraging me, ever after taking my own spiritual tumbles, to move onward, ever onward. 


May your day be blessed.

Rev. Alicia-Leslie

Spirit of Unity Church 

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