A Blessed and Happy New Year to You!

Now that the old year has passed, and 2011 is officially here, most of us have glanced back and reviewed not only the previous year, but our lives in general. We have rejoiced in our gains, grieved our losses, and all too often sighed at "what could have been." This tends to put a damper on the passion for the possibilities the new year holds.

A far better thing is to ponder not only the "could have been," but "why?" What is it that stood in the way of your desired outcome? All too often, it is something minor that could have been easily remedied.

It is very important to sort out the "reasons," from the "excuses." While we may blame time, or circumstances, busy-ness, etc.," usually it is something more like fear, resistance or laziness.

But I think the biggest culprit is distraction...taking our eye off of the prize...losing sight and passion, for our goal. If we don't know where we are going, chances are we will never get there.

Want to know more? Read on!

Rev. Alicia Leslie
Spirit of Unity Church

The Power of a Carrot

Many folks are not even aware of the many distractions that surround us every minute of every day. We have become conditioned to the intrusive lights, sounds, people, thoughts and feelings that have crept into our daily lives practically unnoticed.

There is the issue of being too polite when we are interrupted unnecessarily and inconsiderately by others.  This is the time to say, "Hey...I'm in the middle of something...can I get back to you? How
about 4:00? Hold that thought, I'd love to hear it."

There is mail, and email, phone calls and reports, and cooking and cleaning, television, etc.Distraction in itself is not a bad thing, and in fact, in its time and place can be a very good thing.

The most likely cause of un-helpful distraction is the time gap between the inspiration and manifestation of an idea. This is where we tend to set the goal aside for some trivial thing because we lose focus and don't exercise patience.

Runners are trained with the admonition to run and not look back. Looking back can make the runner lose sight of the finish line, lose their focus, lose their balance, and lose the race! This is good advice for all of us.

 What if we were to do as the old farmer did to keep his mule moving forward? He dangled a delicious carrot from a stick just out of the reach of the mule. The mule kept moving forward, thinking he could grab the carrot. And at the end of the journey, the farmer let him do so.

While we are significantly more intelligent than a mule, the end of the road reward has worked for eons with human beings. As a matter of fact, our Jazzercise leaders a
re excellent carrot-danglers. Recently, during the time between November 1st and December 24th, everyone who worked out at 20 or more classes received a little red plastic wristband purse.

While you could probably pick up a similar purse at Wal-Mart for under $5.00, more than 50 women in our Colchester group (yours truly included) pushed themselves to attend the classes during the busy holiday season, to get their reward. Some even attending multiple classes on the same day! And we all got more than a little red purse. We were stronger, healthier and happier.

The sight of that little, bright red purse called to us, encouraged us, inspired us. Our competitive nature pushed us toward that 20th class.
Prize for Jazzercise

Another trick of the old farmer is blinders. These are li
ttle flaps on a harness that block the animal's peripheral vision, preventing distraction. The Bible tells us "A man cannot serve two masters." Likewise, we cannot seriously pursue our mission while concurrently giving equal attention to another pursuit.

What wonderful thing would like on your list of accomplishments come December 31, 2011? Playing the guitar? Starting a new career or business? Building a home? Mastering a new hobby? You CAN have your desire by simply giving it a little uninterrupted, undisturbed time on a daily basis. Put on your blinders to anything else! Keep the vision before you by using a Treasure Map made up of pictures and words that inspire you regarding your goal.

Make the journey pleasant by offering carrots to yourself. For example "If I finish my to-do list today, I will treat myself to (fill in the blank with something reasonable, like indulging in one of your pet distractions)."

Following this simple plan will bless you all of your tomorrows!

Now, Go to your destiny! RevAli

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