Holiday Greetings from Spirit of Unity!
78 North Moodus Road
Moodus, Connecticut 06469

Blessings to you!

My how time flies! We have already reached the Fourth Sunday of Advent. I can hardly believe it. Of course moving in the middle of the season certainly can present time issues.

I know that your time is as "crunched" as mine is, but also wanted to urge you to not miss out on the wonderful gift that Christmas itself is. It is a time when "Peace on Earth, Good will to all," is envisioned and felt as a real possibility. It is a time when we are called to come up the example of our brother; our Way-shower, Jesus, whose birth we celebrate in this Holy BE all that we were born to be.

It is easy to get so tied up in the whirlwind of the material world; to chase bargains, the social events, cooking, cleaning, emotion-destabilizing expectations, even beloved family, that we miss the meaning of this "Silent Night Mystery and Miracle."

Don't miss out on the true Gift of opportunity to turn our focus; our minds and hearts to the beauty of Christ, the promise of Christ, the flawless teaching we are all called to live and share.

When seeking God, the Prophet Elijah found that God was not in the whirlwind, nor was God in the earthquake, nor was God in the fire...BUT...after all of that...came the "still, small voice."

Likewise, Christmas is not in the whirlwind of activity, nor is it in the earthquake of emotions; nor is it in the fiery passions of our perceived wants and needs. The True Spirit of Christmas can be found in the stillness, lifting our consciousness above the winds, and fires and quakes of the world.

This Christmas, open the gift! Attend services at the church of your choice. Sing. Pray. Open your heart. Invite the mystical Omnipresent One to fill you with the Divine Presence. Light the candles. Behold the babe in the manger...made perhaps of clay and paint...yet a powerful totem of our kinship, to Him, and to God, as Children of God.

Everyone wants to go home for Christmas...You can. Wherever you are. Go home for Christmas. To your Spiritual home. To a church that is in harmony with your beliefs. Feed your Spirit, nourish your Soul. Feel the loving embrace of God. By the way, God does not care what church, or temple, or mosque you attend. God just wants to be with you.

If you are in our local area, and you do not have a church family, we would like to extend a warm invitation to you to come and spend time with our church family. Two opportUnitys are listed below!

A Blessed Christmas to You,

Rev. Alicia Leslie
Church Family Holiday Pot Luck & Movie
Following the Sunday service
December 19th

Join us as we take some time to unwind and enjoy the Christmas Carol movie with our church family. Bring a dish to share! A good time will surely be had by all!

Where & When
  78 North Moodus Road
Moodus, Connecticut 06469
  Sunday, Dec. 19th, 201
10:00 a.m.

Sean's Nativity
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
7:00 P.M. December 24th

Join us for a time of quiet prayer and meditation at our reflective Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.

We will listen again to the timeless story, sing the songs that warm our hearts and souls, and immerse ourselves in the hope, peace, love and joy that the birth of Jesus brings with each celebration of it.
 Where & When
December 24th, 7:00 p.m.
78 North Moodus Road
Moodus, Connecticut 06469

It is our most sincere prayer to be a spiritual resource in the community we serve. Please know that everyone is welcome at Spirit of Unity.