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Meta-Musing ~ How To Win the Waiting Game

Blessings to you!
Our "hurry-up," "get it done" instant gratification culture has programmed our minds to want it all, and now! This is not always possible. There are times when the best thing to do is trust God, hunker down, and wait it out. The degree of discomfort we experience during our waiting-time, and the ultimate result, is directly related to how we choose to spend the time we wait. 
If you want to, or need to learn how to win the waiting game read on! 
 frozen time

Habakkuk 2:3

For still the vision awaits its time; it hastens to the end -- it will not lie. If it seem slow,wait for it; it will surely come, it will not delay.

Unity Wisdom
Patience requires that prejudices and preconceived opinions be laid aside and the whole attention placed on what we desire to see made manifest and not on what we fear may occur. Vera Tate: "Take Command."
Time is a paradox. Whether its movement is slow or fast depends more than anything on our state of mind, in spite of the fact that we each have the exact same 24 hours at our disposal each day. Today, we will be looking at the times when time seems to "stand still," as we wait for our desired outcomes.
In our lives, there are those times when we simply have to wait. We must wait for fruit to ripen. We must wait for gestation to complete its' process before we can hold our precious baby. Ideally, we wait for the right mate, home, or job to arrive in our life before making a commitment to it.
Typically, I don't tend to wait well. Apparently, when they were handing out patience, I did not want to wait around for mine.
Over time, however, I have learned the importance of developing methods of using wait-time in alignment with the law of mind action, to maximize positive results.
We can choose to wait anxiously, looking at what is not happening and the absence of what we are waiting for, or we can wait peacefully, visioning and "feeling" the desired outcome, trusting God and preparing ourselves for the good we await. We can wonder what is wrong, or trust what is right and that God's will for us is good and only good.
There are so many things we can do as we wait. We can clean out our office or closet to make room for our good. We can make a treasure map with pictures and words depicting our good from magazines. We can pray believing we have received as we "see" and "feel" what it will be like when our desire is realized. We can give thanks to God; Spirit; the Divine in advance for our good.
Another powerful thought to hold as we play the waiting game is, "This, or something better." Trusting that "Our Father" knows what is right and perfect for us, we ask for what we want, and affirm that there may be something even more wonderful awaiting us.
Peace and Patience to you, RevAli

Our mission at Spirit of Unity is to touch hearts and change lives by learning, living and sharing the Universal Principles of Truth as taught by Jesus Christ. It is our sincere prayer that we have touched your heart today.

Rev. Alicia Leslie
Spirit of Unity Church