Something You Can Count On
Blessings to You!
Observing our current "human condition," there seems to be an absence of the security and stability we enjoyed in the past. While there will be things like natural disasters, etc that may be out of our control, the question echoes out throughout the sea of consciousness, "Is there anything I can count on?"
What CAN we count on today? Want to know more? Read on!

Proverbs 3:5
Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
and do not rely on your own insight.

Unity Wisdom
Truth, road of--The straight and narrow path along which Spirit directs, and which proves so smooth and safe that one refuses to allow oneself to be misled by habit into trusting sense perception.
 Charles Fillmore - The Revealing Word
One of my friends always signs his messages, "Yours to be counted on." Just reading those words sends a vibration of peace through my mind and body. What if..."What if," I wonder, "What if everyone lived by this truly golden rule?" Think about that for a moment. The implications are mind-boggling.
What if husbands and wives; parents and children; employers and employees; politicians; "doctors, lawyers and indian chiefs" could absolutely be counted on for honesty, integrity and commitment to the greater whole? What if a vow was really a vow! WOW!
Many of the changes we have seen in the form of lack of quality, mutual respect, and commitment in our lives and the marketplace have occurred within my lifetime. Years ago there was real meaning to the phrase "A man's word is his bond," and a hand shake really did seal a deal. Products were made to last, as were marriages, and too sure about that. Haha. It is as if everything just kind of "relaxed" a little too far...from fashion to family to faith falling apart. Our casual consciousness is reaping a harvest of discontent, disappointment and dis-ease.
But the One thing that could be counted on then, can still be counted on today, is the Lord aka Law; Spiritual Law, i.e. Principle. This is absolute, eternal and unchanging. Though knowledge of mathematical principle has expanded and deepened, one and one still equals two, and do, re, mi still hold their place in the musical scale, so playing even ancient chords still makes the same sound.That is something you can count on! This is scientific works the same way with spiritual law.

The One Law, the law spoken of by ancient prophets, Jesus, and contemporary prophets; the Law of Cause and Effect, aka the Law of Mind Action, aka the Law of Attraction is in constant operation behind the scenes of our consciousness. Aha! It is not the law that changes, it is consciousness!

The words of today's readings, while written from a hundred to thousands of years ago, are as true today as they were when they were written. Their essence: Trust God...all-Good...Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient Law, rather than your own insight and habitual sense perception.

We have become accustomed to being led around like sheep by outside influences such as peers, merchandisers and media. Even some religious traditions attempt to stand between ourselves and the Divine...a human concept!  These things draw us in with a siren call to our human, rather than divine wants, needs and desires. BUT...WE have the power to change, by "the renewal of our minds," as the Apostle Paul told us.

We can bring more stability and security into our world by turning within daily to listen to Spirit, to commune with Omnipresent One. We may be led down paths less convenient and comfortable than the promises of worldly consciousness. The journey will require ongoing development of character, conscience and commitment. But it leads to the world the soul is cries out for.

One of my favorite affirmations states, "The Spirit of the Lord goes before me, and my success is assured." Metaphysically translated, this is saying that the spirit (nature or intention) of whatever we send ahead of us will manifest without exception. This is law. If we send forth negativity, we will receive negativity; individually and collectively. The same thing is true of positive thought, feeling, action and word. I live in quiet confidence when I send forth good.
The only way to change the instability of our current world is to work on our own foundation of faith through understanding of and adherence to spiritual law. If we want more stability and security, we must habitually think, feel and act in ways that create stability and security. If we want integrity we must live a life of integrity.
Standing firmly, RevAli
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Rev. Alicia Leslie