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Meta-Musing ~ Lifestyle By Design
Blessings to you!

Go back to when you were 15 years old...and imagine you are writing out a vision for your life. How would what you wrote differ from your current life experience?
Now, go back to 20 years old...and writing out a vision for your life. How does that differ from your current life experience?
Now, 30; Now 40 (for those of us who have crossed that threshold!) etc.
You will probably find some things came to pass and others did not. Why? Most of us are not the greatest lifestyle designers. As John Lennon put it so wisely, "Life is what happens when you are making other plans."
I liken this to an artist attempting to paint a beautiful picture, while also trying to spin a plate on the end of a thin stick, like they do in the circus. Most of us are so busy spinning our plate that we can't focus on the picture. The "plate" is the illusions we have been told are "truths" about what our life should be like.
I have Great News! Let the plate fall. It is not helping you, and you don't like it anyway. You have the power to design the life of your dreams. This will be simple, but not necessarily easy. It will require work, but the work will seem like play! It will require time, but when you release time-wasting activities and unnecessary "shoulds" you will find you have all the time you need. It is always this way when we are fulfilling our divine potential.
Give yourself some time and space to dream. Open your mind to the Divine Mind of God. You see, whatever you most deeply and sincerely want to do and be are the seeds God...Spirit...planted within you. Focus more on what you desire than why you think/fear/or believe it cannot happen.
And then...start your plan. Take a step. Sign up for a class. Make a commitment. (turn off the TV...it is only vicarious life)
I am currently listening to an audiobook called "The Four Hour Work Week." Sounds outlandish, doesn't it? But the man who wrote the book found a way to make this happen. And he shares how he did so. Am I trying to do it? Not yet...maybe never will...but I have seen possibilities for my life that I had never even considered before. I am using his techniques to enhance and design my own life in a way that excites me.
I dropped the "plate" of what the world says my life should look like. I am not ruled by what fashion dictates, or the manufactured perception that I need to have a particular balance in my bankbook, or car, or degree.
In the book, he talks about the "NR," which is "new rich." The NR's are not rich in money, they are rich in time. I am getting richer in time every day. Oh...by the way...everybody has the same 24 hours every day, just some of us don't use it well.
May your live get richer every day. RevAli
We pray this message has been a blessing to you.
Rev. Alicia Leslie
Spirit of Unity Church
Ps 90: 17 
Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us and establish thou the work of our hands upon us, yea, the work of our hands establish thou it.
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