Meta-Musing ~ Hands-Off-Healing 
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In most of our lives there are friends or family members who have challenges in their lives we cannot seem to help them with.  Or maybe it is we, ourselves who just can't seem to find someone to "fix" our lives.
Regardless of our knowledge, experience or understanding sometimes it is just not something that is ours to do. How do we know when to hold on and when to let go?
If you'd like to on! 
Eccl 3:1
"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven."
Unity Wisdom

"Those who do not mature spiritually feel powerless and dependent upon a divine parent they must plead with and please." Linda Whitsett, Licensed Unity Teacher

Meta-Musing ~ Hands-Off-Healing 
There is no shortage of information on healing available today. We can easily find information on naturopathic healing, hands-on-healing, Reiki, traditional healing, etc.
But there is another kind of healing that information is not so easily available for. That would be "Hands-Off-Healing."  This is the healing where we stand back, keep a detached high watch and let God be God.  Detached..."hands-off" a key word here. This is where we affirm "Divine Order" for the person and circumstance.
As a mother of four, I've had lots of experience in letting go. I've kissed my children's boo-boos, watched them pedal away for the first time without training wheels, parent their own children, and navigate the choppy waters of divorce to name just a few. Unfortunately, the times I was unable to let go and let God handle things did more to impede the process than help it.
The question is asked in Genesis; "Am I my brother's keeper?" Many of us take this issue to heart, to a fault. There IS such a thing as "too much help." When we keep stepping in to rescue others we prevent them from addressing their own issues and ability to mature. When we hold thoughts focused on the problem and how we think it should be remedied we become more of a barrier than bridge to their highest good.
There were times when Jesus healed by touching others, and times when he said, "Your faith has made you whole." One of the most powerful things he said, was when he spoke to a man who had been ill 38 years, waiting for someone to put him in the healing waters, "Do you WANT to be healed," he said, and then "Pick up your bed and walk." Sometimes we just have to wait until our loved ones are ready to pick up their bed and walk. This is simple, but not easy, and critical to their healing. 
Eric Butterworth, Unity minister said, "It is more important to SEE things right, not SET things right. So...if you have a loved one going through troubles; if you have tried to make suggestions or assist and the problems persist, maybe it is time for some "hands-off-healing." Trust God, who loves them more than you can even imagine, to make things right.
I have a special affirmation I learned many years ago. I use it frequently for myself and others. I pray you will find it useful also. Here it is: "I place (my life, this person or circumstance) lovingly in the hands of the Father with a childlike trust, knowing only good will come to pass."
Your Faith will make you whole! RevAli