Taming Those Toxic Thoughts
Wisdom 1:3
"For perverse thoughts separate men from God,
and when his power is tested, it convicts the foolish..."

Unity Wisdom
"Thought--A product of thinking; a mental vibration or impulse. Each thought is an identity that has a central ego, around which all its elements revolve. Thoughts are capable of expressing themselves. Every thought clothes itself in a life form according to the character given it by the thinker. The form is simply the conclusion of the thought." Charles Fillmore, The Revealing Word 

Blessings to You!

Life is meant to be good. Look all around so much at the things humankind has made, rather at what God has created. Right now...can you see outside? Can you see the sky, trees, flowers, creatures? Can you hear the music of the bird's song? Think for a moment of sitting by the shore as the waves gently roll up onto the sand and slide back into the ocean.
Those are just a few of the physical things we can see and hear. Then there are the things we cannot see, but, peace, joy. Life itself...this experience of Spirit embodied in physical meant to be good. How can it be that what is meant to be "good" can sometimes feel so "bad?" This is where you, I, and the collective "we" come in. The goodness that Spirit intends for our life sours through toxic thoughts.
Good itself, is a Divine Idea for the ongoing expression of good in the world. We connect with this Divine Idea of life in our mind; our connecting link with the Mind of God. We then manifest the divine idea (here it comes...) according to our current level of awareness.
In Unity we teach "thoughts are things." We create our individual and collective life experience by right of consciousness, through our conscious, or subconscious thoughts. While Life is a Divine Idea in the mind of God, our experience of life is the result of our thought processes.
If we want to manifest good in our lives and the world, we must habitually and consistently think good thoughts. This is one of those things that is simple, but not easy. Why? Because each one of us is like a drop in a vast ocean. We are each immersed in the thoughts of those around us, many of which are filled with doom and gloom thoughts. This is a poisonous, toxic environment in which to live and move and have our being!
Yet there is hope! Life is consciousness. Build a good and positive life with good and positive thoughts and you will eliminate the toxic thoughts within not only your own mind, but the minds of those around you. This is a process of purification by inspiration.
Yes..."bad" things happen...but we do not need to go down with the ship or host a pity party. Rather than being influenced by negativity, we can be inspired by Spirit. Charles Fillmore, cofounder of Unity said that when we are in the midst of challenges we need to sing and pray and praise.
We can flush those toxic thoughts right out of our minds. Let thoughts of good, of beauty, of gratitude fill you, and watch good happen!

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SYNOPSIS: Pete, an eight-year-old Catholic boy growing up in the suburbs of Chicago in the mid-1970s, is admonished by a nun to follow the path of the Lord. Pete decides it's his goal for the summer is to help someone get into heaven. Having been told that Catholicism is the only sure path to the kingdom of the Lord, Pete decides to convert a Jew to Catholicism in order to improve their standing in the afterlife.
This movie is sweet and definitely not slanted in any "religious" direction. It is more about how we are alike, than how we are different.
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 Unity World Day of Prayer

September 9, 2010
Spirit of Unity Church
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"Living In The Flow"
We are living expressions of Divine Light
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Join us for a time of flowing prayer, music and meditation
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and all who inhabit it.
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