Meta-Musing ~ The Power of a Plan
Blessings to you!
Do you have a plan for your life? A retirement plan? A 5-year plan? A plan for your day? How about a plan for supper tonight?
So many of the things we dream about, say, or think we want never manifest simply because we do not make a plan. We may think that "one day" it will happen, but we will be like Snow White, singing, "Some day my prince will come," or thinking "One day my ship will come in."
To have her prince, Snow White had to wake up, and so will you...and if you want your ship to come in, you'll need to get down to the dock to greet it.
What do you want? Get the creative process going today using the power of a plan! Want to know how and why? Read on...
The Power of a Plan...
In Unity, we teach the Creative Process. The process is: Thought + Feeling = Manifestation. Where the mind goes, energy flows, and manifestation follows. It is the feeling of the idea that attracts the "stuff our dreams are made of."
Thought without feeling is not creative energy, and likewise feeling without thought is not creative. Both must be present for manifestation to occur.
One of our major problems is that we let Divine Ideas and dreams flow through our mind and do not "capture" them so that they can be held in mind and produce for us. "Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind."
A plan is a critical part of the creative process. When we put a plan in writing; when we set up images, goals and benchmarks, we energize our idea. We send forth a vibration that will attract like energy until we reach what scientists call "critical mass" and the idea is made manifest.
Just as we can hold the paper the plan is written on in our hands, creating it and looking at it or reading it holds it in our minds. Holding the plan in our mind through committing it to memory draws ideas, people and circumstances to assist us in manifestation.
Creating a plan makes the desired outcome "real" to us; possible, within reach. As we embrace the reality of the plan, tensions or negative, fearful thoughts disappear, removing blockages to the good we desire.
A very wise person once said, "Failing to plan is planning to fail." Imagine driving cross country without a map. While you may get there without a map...sooner or later...the journey is faster and more meaningful when you plot out your journey, planning special stops and adventures.
Desiring without planning drains energy, planning energizes. Simple things like planning our attire the night before, or putting supper in the crock pot before leaving for work energizes us for the whole day.
As you recall from last weeks' message, the matters of my heart health caused me to think about a plan to bring joy to my life and ponder eventual retirement. So...I have started to plot the road to adventures after my secular job and the journey to get there. I have dates and times noted, and a plan is forming. Just thinking about this sends joy coursing through my being. I am energized and excited...and as Charles Fillmore said when he was 94 years old, "I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm." Woo Hoo!
While this may seem magical, it is actually metaphysical. It is the perfect working of Spiritual, Universal Law.
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Proverbs 29:18
Life Changing Prayer
"Where there is no vision, the people perish."
Unity Wisdom
The original plan of an idea (is) in Spirit. Back of the visible universe are both the original creative ideas and those that are brought forth as earthly things. In the creative process Divine Mind first ideates itself. 
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