A Matter of the Heart
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While there may be much advice available regarding the care of our physial heart, and medication to restore or enhance the health of our hearts, it is critical that we look beyond the physical to the metaphysial heart to assure enduring health and wholeness.
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Ps 77:6
I commune with my heart in the night;
I meditate and search my spirit...

Unity Wisdom
The the visible expression of an invisible enter of consiousness. It is the center from which the divine substance is poured forth.
As used in Scripture, the word 'heart' represents the subonscious mind, "Out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh" (Lk 6:45)
Charles Fillmore - The Revealing Word


A Matter of the Heart...

This past year, as Easter approached, I started experiencing very strong heart palpitations. The episodes of heart-pounding were strong enough to get me to the doctor's office...which is no small task!

Test after test produced no solid data. Today, after the test I most recently had, and still awaiting results, I have truly had the opportunity to "commune with my heart in the night..." and day!
Our physical bodies are the expression...or pressing into manifestation...of our consciousness, or current state of awareness. The symptoms we experience in our bodies are signals, alerting us to the state of our consciousness, for the purpose of bringing everything back into alignment with wholeness.
For example, it is now common knowledge that stress causes ulers. Where is the stress? In our thinking & feeling nature. The same is true of all forms of dis-ease. But that is another day's topic. Today we are looking at the heart.
The heart symbolizes love. In Unity's "Twelve Powers" teaching, the "power center" for the spiritual faulty of love is located right behind the physical heart.
So, I did a "spiritual examination" of my heart and soul. As I pondered my daily life and habits, I realized how common it is for me to put my "heart," my need to express and experience love, on the back burner. My passion for God, and Ministry, which is good and well and what I am called to, was overshadowing the needs of my personal heart. I was off-center; out of balance.
My metaphysical prescription for my physical condition was to start giving attention immediately to the imbalance, and correct it. I did not want to be one of the countless people who experience a heart attack on Monday mornings(the most common day for heart attacks), going into yet another work week with something critical missing.
My presription comes from Ps 22:7 "A cheerful heart is a good medicine." So I asked myself what it might be that was missing; what I could add to cheer my heart. The first thing that came to my mind is how my heart aches to see my children. I made flight arrangements that day to go and see each of my children, visiting Colorado, Kansas and Missouri as well as driving to Long Island. And I made a commitment in my heart of hearts to do this more often.
I also spend time daily now, reflecting on what my heart needs as well as my ministry and other day to day requirements. I ask myself, "What will feed, strengthen and nurture my heart?"
Metaphysically, the words "heart," "soul," and "mind" are intertwined. Each resonating with the combined energy of thinking and feeling, and our sensitivity, Oneness and connectedness to Spirit; Divine Mind. It is important to our health and well being that these are positive and affirming.
I don't know what the results of my most recent test will be. I do believe as it is stated in the Letters of James, "God works in the physician as well as in prayer (metaphysician)." So I will ponder the results... prayerfully.
As I have given time, attention and prayer to the "matters of my heart," the palpitations have subsided...arising on occasion. I affirm "My heart is strong and healthy. God's mighty love flows through my heart, and I am blessed."
I have made a plan to take care of the metaphysical, as well as the physical heart...oh...but that is next week's message: "The Power of a Plan."
Until blessed! RevAli  
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