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As a Minister, I am frequently asked, "How should I pray?" Many folks seem to think that prayers are full of "Thee's" and "Thou's;" with somber face, bowed head and bent knees. Others seem to believe it is in the "Lotus position," chanting "OMmmmmmmmm". There are folks who feel prayer is totally private, and others that feel "correct" prayer involves hooting and hollering and "speaking in tongues." Did you ever wonder what the "right" way to pray is? Read on!
Romans 8:26
Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with sighs too deep for words.
Unity Wisdom
Prayer is the most highly accelerated mind action known. It steps up mental action until man's consciousness synchronizes with the Christ Mind. It is the language of spirituality; when developed it makes man master in the realm of creative ideas.
Pray  Right  4 Your  Type
So...reflecting on the first paragraph, coupled with the Scripture and the Unity quote, which style of prayer is right? That depends! It depends on what is right for YOU! Your preferred prayer style is as unique as you are!
Several years ago, author Peter D'adomo wrote the book, "Eat Right 4 Your Type." He discovered a connection between the blood type we have, and the food we eat; that different people would greatly benefit by changing their eating habits. The same thing is true with personality and prayer.
First, we have personality types as defined by Myers-Briggs; introvert, extrovert, judging and perceiving. And of course the "Type A" and "Type B" personalities. We cannot leave out the unique personality types delineated in Astrology. Oh...and we must also remember the Eneagram, or psychospiritual typology. WOW! Hopefully, you can see that there can be no fear of being pigeonholed! Each personality type resonates with a prayer style.
If you have been troubled by feeling that prayer is rote, meaningless, boring, and unfulfilling, chances are you are not using the right prayer for your type. Now, I want to make myself perfectly clear...there is no "wrong" prayer type when the sincere desire of the heart and soul is to commune with God; Spirit.
We do not have to go into detail about determining your "type" today, although doing so is great fun and exciting and enlightening...that is for another day. For now, just think about what "fits" and what does not. What makes you feel closer to God? What renews and refreshes?
Sometimes using a variety of prayer types works, and others an ancient ritual like a rosary, centering prayer, or transcendental meditation may be what you need. But you will find that one type of prayer "speaks" to you most; nourishes your soul, and brings you into the Presence.  Only you can determine what is right for you. No priest, minister, parent or denomination can. One thing you can do is experiment with prayer types. Explore. Find the right prayer style for you.
Another influence on the prayer type right for you is what is happening in our lives at the moment.  
Think of it this way, if you were to have a conversation with your mother, father, mate, best friend, etc. a great factor in the type of communication you had would be based on what is going on in your life, and subject of the conversation. Some talks are intimate and quiet, some are filled with joy and laughter...and yes...some are angry or frustrated. It happens.
Prayer is like that. Prayer is communion with God; opening our heart and mind to God; Divine Mind. How we pray is not as important as THAT we pray. In Prayer we have access to the unlimited realm of Divine Ideas, and maps to our dreams and desires. Make the time to take the time to pray. You will be glad you did!
Prayerfully, and holding you in my prayers for every good thing,
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