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 Power Up Your Passwords!
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In my secular job, one of my duties is to assist customers with their online banking. This includes resetting internet passwords and user names. In the course of my day, I hear much moaning and groaning about the need to have, remember, and change passwords and user names.
Can you identify? 
What if you could put work clothes on those passwords and usernames, so that they could assist in manifesting the good you desire? Want to know more? Read on!
Our words have power beyond our wildest imaginings. In fact, if we knew the power of our words, we would use them more wisely.  The first chapter of the Gospel (meaning: Good News) of John reads: "In the beginning there was the Word and the Word was with God, and the word was God."
The simplest definition of "word" is "to call; name." "Name," means "the nature of..." A word gives substance and meaning to the Divine Idea that is its essence. While, as they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words," A single word can paint a thousand pictures. For example, "Love;" what pictures flow into your mind when you say, or think that word? How about "mother," or "mommy?" The word "chocolate" can cause hunger pangs, or drive us to the candy machine at its' simple appearance in our minds.
Positive words bring positive results, and negative words bring negative results. Therefore the more positive thoughts we can focus our minds on, and the longer and more frequently we hold them, the more positive results we will experience in our lives.
If we turn our passwords and usernames into "happy thoughts," each time we type them, we affirm them...we make them firm in our minds and hearts. These will, without a doubt, manifest in our lives.
As an employee of a bank in my secular job, I am required to change my passwords every few weeks. I have turned this potentially annoying task into a delightful experience, based on the passwords I choose. I have affirmed my ministry through words like "No1minister," and "1growingchurch." I have brought my love for my family into my workday to bless it and make it it easier with passwords like "mommy2four," or "nanas7grands." Each time I type these words, my mind and heart dance.
This has manifested as joy in my life, infused my ministry with passion, and even shown up as a recent visit to each of my children. Just think of what this can do for you!
I suggest the customers I speak with, "Choose a password that makes you smile, and you will not forget it. Each time you type it you will feel joy."
Try'll like it!  RevAli
Prov. 17:22
A cheerful heart is a good medicine,
Unity Wisdom

Words are the vehicles through which ideas make themselves manifest.

"Where the Mind goes, Energy flows, and Manifestation follows!"
Rev. Alicia Leslie
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