Meta-Musing ~ Got Vibes?
Blessings to You!
Back in the 60's...when life was sweeter and simpler...(I know because I was there :) )...the Beach Boys had a hit song "Good Vibrations." I'm sure many of you who were not yet born in the 60's can also sing along with the "Good, good, good, good vibrations..." I feel these good vibrations even when I just think of the people, places and things I love.
The are also the times when the "vibes" we feel are not so "good." We may feel unpleasant or foreboding sensations when approaching a person, place or thing; negative energy. 
Whether positive or negative, the vibration we feel could be real and true, or they could be based on our own perceptions and prejudices. The trick is to be able to sort them out and act accordingly.
Want to know more? Read on!
The whole universe is in vibration. Vibration is under law. Each particular thing has its rate of vibration. What causes vibration? Mind, thinking. The vibrations reflect the nature of the thoughts being held. It is not the thought itself, but what we think about the thought. Thinking sets in motion the creative process. Vibration is the feeling that is the second step in the process.
When we encounter another being, human or otherwise, the vibration we feel is the nature of the thoughts that being is holding. Thoughts habitually held will become entrenched in the mind of the being; it becomes a part of who they are. While the thoughts can be uprooted, the longer they are held, the more difficult the task will be. This is true in both the positive and the negative sense. Hence, the value of Positive Thinking.
This is important to know in our own lives and the greater consciousness in which we live. Becoming aware of the vibrations that surround us plays a critical part in keeping ourselves safe from danger, and provides the opportunity to be agents of positive change.
 We can send forth "good vibrations" of love, peace, harmony, and acceptance, which like a tuning fork, and very often bring the cacophony around us to harmony.
If the vibration is one of danger and/or violence, we can steer ourselves in a new direction, blessing the being or circumstance in silent prayer as we do.
Start today to "tune in" to your own good vibrations. Take time to become centered; pray, meditate, listen. During the course of the day, if you find your vibrations are "going south," turn them around. After all, these vibrations will draw like energy to you like a powerful magnet!
How? Use affirmations, prayers, and happy songs. Keep a "gratitude list," and review it when you are feeling funky. If all else fails, watch a funny movie or contact a positive friend for a "tune up."
Now, go enjoy those good vibratons!
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PS 16:21
The wise of heart is called a man of discernment,
and pleasant speech increases persuasiveness.
Unity Wisdom 
Energies (thought vibrations) are sent out by the force and power of thought. Thought power is the moving force within an idea that gives it expression.

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