Law of Giving and Receiving
Everyone must receive freely and give freely as he receives. Disregard of the basic principle of supply frequently hinders man's realization of the divine good. Readiness to give and readiness to receive are equally essential
Charles Fillmore: The Revealing Word
February 14, 2000
February 2000 haircut
Hair being cut by congregation member.
Luke 12:48a
"Every one to whom much is given, of him will much be required; and of him to whom men commit much they will demand the more."
After Haircut
haircut - after
After the initial haircut, this was what I wore for years.
Divine Order
The Universe, while in a constant state of flux, is under the law of Divine Order, everything unfolds perfectly, and in alignment with our ever-evolving consciousness.
Today's Tresses
hair today
To Sacrifice: To make holy
I dedicate and consecrate my lovely hair to help repair the damage we have done to the planet.
This is surely a small sacrifice, but every little bit counts with Mutual Accountability and Collective Responsibility!

Change MACR Challenge!

Hair I Go Again!
Blessings to You!
Last week I presented the concept of being a Change M.A.C.R., through Mutual Accountability and Collective Responsibility.
All of the change we desire in the world can be made NOW, but it requires that each one of us be willing to do that which is ours to do, individually and collectively, and encouraging others to do likewise.
I am sure that your heart, as mine, has ached at the tragic effects of the BP Gulf Coast oil crisis. We have seen beautiful water fowl coated with thick, choking oil, suffering a slow death. We have seen beaches and marshes ravaged in black, tarry sludge. I wondered, and I researched to see what can I do to make a difference. There were not many options I could participate in at this moment.
Then...God's Divine Order started to operate... 
During our after-service coffee time, we were discussing what we, as individuals could do. And I shared the following story:
Ten years ago, I was pondering how much I loved my long hair. It is not every day you see a woman with long, gray hair. I was frequently complimented on how lovely it was. And it is so easy to take care of. Wash it, blow it dry, done. Or, wash it, braid it, done!
I had also been thinking about how my heart ached when I saw children who had no hair due to chemotherapy. I thought how sad it would be sad to lose your hair...and so in the middle of the Sunday worship service on Feb. 14th, Valentines' Day 2000, I cut it off and donated it to Locks of Love. I shared with the congregation that I was considering some sort of fund-raiser or something to do it again, but Locks of Love cannot use my gray hair now.
One of the congregation members mentioned she had read that they have discovered bales of hair (booms) are very effective in attracting and sucking up the oil. Hmmm...I pondered that thought.
Then...God's Divine Order kicked into high gear...
Yesterday I found an email in my inbox, sent by the congregation member who had shared about the hair bales. A local salon, New Image Salon, is working with East Haddam Youth & Family Services and "Matter of Trust," a non-profit ecological public charity proessing hair into booms that suck up the oil in the Gulf Coast.
The decision was made! The hair is going! I have just made an appointment at New Image Salon for after church on Sunday.
Here is where you come in:

I personally would like to challenge you to donate $1 per inch for the hair I will give. You can bring cash donations to the church on Sunday morning and witness the "first cut," as my braid is cut off. You can also bring your donations to New Image Salon at 25 Falls Road in Moodus from 12 noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday, or donate through their website
I'd love to hear the stories of your giving.
I am a Change MACR as I become aware of what I can do, doing it, and sharing with others about it. YOU CAN TOO! 
Spirit of Unity...
Learning, Living, Sharing a Way of Life that Works!
 It is our sincerest prayer that we have been able to touch your heart and provide ideas to help you change your life!
Check our web page for the many services, classes events we offer to support you in your spiritual growth.
In the Love and Light of God,
Rev. Alicia Leslie
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Spirit of Unity Church