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Why It's Called The Root of All Evil
Blessings to you!

Okay...fill in the blank..."__________ is the root of all evil." If you said "money," you were wrong. If you said "The love of money," you are right. What's wrong with loving money anyway? I overheard a woman talking her friend the other day. She said, "Whoever said money can't buy happiness didn't know where to shop."
Expanding on that, money may be able to buy pleasure, but...alas...it cannot buy happiness. Want to know more? Read on! 
The Truth about Love and Money... 
When I was a little girl, I was fascinated with money. I loved to play with it. When the cigarette industry came out with "flip top" boxes, I would collect them to make myself a "bank," with boxes for each denomination of money I was collecting.  Life Changing PrayerI loved to fill up the boxes, and considered myself to be quite "rich." Additionally, I would hide money in shoes or between the pages of books, to surprise myself. I never doubted my ability to make, and save money.
Somewhere along the line, that changed. The paradigm of money that I'd held morphed from being one of fun and possibility to one of need and lack. How could such a thing happen? Well, I received many somber messages from my family, receiving a lecture along with any money I requested for school events or weekend activities. My "cash box" faded into oblivion, and I came to see myself as "needy."

I held this belief for more years than I'd like to admit. Then, one day, I was introduced to the concept of true prosperity.

The "love of money" is the root of all evil when it gives money undue value, merit or importance in our lives...when it, or the "stuff" it can buy are put before the truly important things in life.

We are not here to "worship," i.e. worth-ship money. We are here, on Planet Earth to express the divine attributes of God that we are blessed with as Children of God...and to enjoy ourselves as we do it.
If you are working only for the money, you are putting the love of money above using the gifts and talents you were given for the Divine Purpose, which is the expression of all good.  If you are putting acquisition of money or "stuff" before spending time with your family, your spiritual life, or values you are loving money more than these things.
There is nothing inherently wrong with money itself, only with the importance, value and power we give it. Money is a symbol. It is a tool. It is a toy. It's ONLY money. Money is not your source of your supply. It is a channel that provides your supply.
One of my mentors once said, "Don't use people and love money...love people and use money." Good point. We can handle money with respect and gratitude, not adoration and need.
The word "evil" is "live" spelled backward. To value "mammon," i.e. money and stuff above God, and the good we have, is backward. It is not the way we will ever find satisfaction. True prosperity is living a life rich with love, joy, peace, health and integrity, using the gifts we were given. This is happiness...and this cannot be bought at any price...and having a little money to play with is a good thing too.
Think on these things. RevAli
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Rev. Alicia-Leslie, Minister
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Eccl. 5:10 
 He who loves money will not be satisfied with money; nor he who loves wealth, with gain: this also is vanity.
Unity Wisdom
Mammon--Treasure; wealth; the material or worldly thought and belief regarding riches, possessions, and wealth, compared with the true inner riches of the mind, which are the understanding and the realization of the spiritual substance, life, and intelligence that lie back of every outer manifestation.