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Meta-Musing ~ Are You Resisting Your Good?
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I am sure that the thought of resisting our own good would seem ridiculous. Who would want to fight something that they want? Unfortunately most of us do this on a regular basis, and wonder why we just can't seem to "get a break." Want to know more? Read on!
James 2:26
For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so faith apart from works is dead.
Unity Wisdom
Do not fear the power that works things out in the invisible. When you get a strong perception of something that your inner mind tells you is good and true, act on it and your demonstration will come. That is the way that a living faith works, and it is the law of your creative word. ~ Charles Fillmore: Prosperity
Are You Resisting Your Good?
If you were to visit any kindergarten class today and ask the children about what they wanted to be or do when they grew up; what adventures they would like to take, they would be overflowing with responses. Their dreams are unlimited by doubts, fears and analysis paralysis.
Interview those children 30 years later, and what do you think they would be doing? What about you? Could it be that God...Spirit...the Universe is waiting, gift in hand, for you to receive it?
We are so quick to say we want something, but too often, in reality we are not willing to put wings on our prayers, and shoes on our plans.
In Unity we teach about the Law of Mind Action: Thoughts held in mind manifest after their kind. The idea is, that as we hold the thoughts in our mind-heart; in our thoughts and feelings, we draw them to us. This is true...AND...at the same time does not release us from our our responsibility and requirement to take steps in the direction of our dream.
If I want to lose some weight, I can pray and vision, and if I am praying and visioning in the right direction...in other words willing to do my part, I will be guided to eating healthy food and exercising. If I choose however to pray and vision and eat chocolate and potato chips in abundance every day, I am resisting the very good I am praying for. This would be faith without works.
If we want a financial blessing, God will absolutely provide it...in the form of a divine idea that will, with your energy and attention, provide the financial blessing you desire. If we go to the mailbox looking for a check, or buy a lottery ticket rather than investing "sweat equity" in our financial well being, we are missing the point.  This would be faith without works.
Much of what we claim to want in our lives is nothing more than fantasies, where our desires are magically manifested by genies and leprochauns. We simply lack the interest and intention to get it done; even though God has provided us each with the time, intelligence and energy to manifest it.
Life in Fantasyland can be great...until it is time to go home, and we discover that none of it was real.
Visioning and treasure mapping are spiritual tools to assist us in manifestation. They are patterns that we then use to build the vision in the manifest realm through our actions. Self-help books, tapes, workshops and videos are great...but the key word here is SELF help. Life is a self-service buffet, not a sit-down restaurant. That would be faith without works.
L. Scott Peck, author of "The Road Less Traveled" said that the two causes of sin are laziness and narcissism. In Unity we teach that the word "sin" basically means "missing the mark," which feels a whole lot better than "you are inherently evil and have done evil." However, missing the mark means you did not reach the target you aimed at. And frankly, the pain of regret when we realize we let precious opportunities slip away feels like hell.
Now for the good news. They say, "What we resist persists." God does not give up on our dreams, even when we do. The divine urge remains, God continues to call us...woo us...encourage us to our good. All we need to do is CO-create. CO-operate.
When we were that kindergarten child, we could hardly wait to be "grown-up." What we didn't realize is that without our parents and teachers to discipline us and tell us what to do, we need to do it for ourselves. You do not need to "grow old" to "grow up." Consider the "up" to be "up, up and away!"
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