February 15 - 21 is Random Acts of Kindness Week!
Blessings to you!
I know you thought that you would be done with Valentine's Day at the stroke of midnight on Feb. 14th. But...I have a valentine challenge for the whole week.
An old song said, "What the World Needs Now, is Love Sweet Love." And that is true to this day.
Spiritual Law states that all we send forth returns blessed and multiplied. What a wonderful way to turn around the pain and suffering in our world. We can send forth the smallest act of kindness and reap a tidal wave of good all around us. A definite win-win world.
So I challenge you, to see how many random acts of kindness you can do this week. I'd love to hear about your random acts of kindness, and put our list in my next Meta-Musing. Send me an email at spiritofunity@sbcglobal.net. Are you up for the challenge? I've provided some thought-starters below.
Will you take the challenge? RevAli
  • Help The Homeless: Donate your professional clothes to an organization that helps people get back into the workforce.
  • Lend a Hand to All Parents: Baby sit. Deliver a cooked meal for the entire family. Let their children spend the day with you.
  • Reachout to the Homebound: Reach out to the homebound -- senior.
  • Crafts of Kindness: Ask a creative crafter to help you with acts of kindness. Knit a hat for a homeless person this winter.
  • Corporate Compassion: Plant seeds of kindness in the corporate world. Find the office of your CEO and leave a thank-you card. 
  • Healing Kindness: Express kindness to those who are healing. Leave a stuffed animal for a child in a hospital.
  • Long Distance Kindness: Reach out to far away lands, with long distance kindness. Ask your penpal to do something kind in his country.
  • Honor Your Heroes: Honor your heroes with kindness. Dedicate a small act of kindness to your hero by writing them a letter.
  • Kindness Towards Environment: Practice kindness towards the environment. Participate in beach or park cleanups.
  • Globs of Gratitude: Appreciate someone who has done something kind for you. Send a 'Thank You' card to someone who's helped you.
  • Five Bucks And Under: What can you do with five bucks to make someone's day? Tape the exact change for a soda to a vending machine.
  • Spring Forward: Clean out your closet and take the extra clothes to a local nonprofit organization.
  • Community Kindness: Appreciate a community worker. Give a thank-you card to a bus driver who is driving off-peak hours, or a police officer or fireman.
  • Tag the Ones Closest: Do something kind for those closest to you. Give your housemate a hug in the morning, for no reason.
  • Public Transportation: Before you get off the bus or train, leave an inspiring book on a seat with a Smile Card.
  • Lending An Ear: Sometimes kindness is as simple as listening. Lend an ear to someone going through a tough time. They don't want advice...just to be heard.
  • Connect with Seniors: Connect with seniors in your community. Visit senior centers or nursing homes.
  • Public Places: Beautify public places in your community. Clean graffiti on public walls. Have a clean-up party at the park or bus stop.
  • Family Kindness: Surprise your family with an act of kindness. Send flowers (or a plant) to your mom or dad.
  • Hear the Homeless: It's been a long winter. Make some soup or sandwich for a homeless person in your neighborhood.
  • Gift of Books: Never underestimate the power of books to expand minds. Give an inspiring book to a friend in need.
  • Volunteer Wonders: Volunteering often provides a good opportunity to be exposed to people who may be in need of an anonymous gift.
  • Restaurant Uproar: Tag someone at a restaurant. Buy someone dessert. Pay for the person behind you at a drive-thru.
  • Kindness With Children: Get children excited about kindness. Have a child deliver a hand-made card to your neighbor. 
  • Flowers of Kindness: Send unexpected bouquet of flowers to the hard-working receptionist in your office building.
  • The Small Things: Share your umbrella with someone who doesn't have one. Write a thank-you note to a mentor.
  • Pen is Mightier Than the Sword: Pen is mightier than the sword, they say. Write a note of appreciation to someone. 
  • Giving Thanks: Give thanks. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Invite someone for dinner who would otherwise be spendining a holiday alone.
  • Gift of Inner Transformation: Restrain from criticizing or saying anything negative to anyone this week. In a challenging situation be the first one to step back.  
  • Give of Yourself: Prepare a nutritious sack lunch for a homeless person and hand it to him/her saying "have a great day."
  • Ideas in Five Words or Less: Read to a child. Make a wish come true. Rake someone's yard. Smile at a stranger. Be a courteous driver.
  • Stop Negative Comments: Create change one conversation at a time. Stand up for a woman who is the target of a sexist remark...
  • Giving Thanks: Give thanks.
  • Sincerely,
    Rev. Alicia Leslie
    Spirit of Unity Church