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Year End Clearance

Blessings to You!

Now that Christmas is over, you've probably noticed that all the stores are offering Year End Clearance Sales. The idea behind the sales is to move out the left-over and often un-saleable items from the store shelves to ours.That way they can make room for new items to sell you after the sale.
We can learn a great lesson from this philosophy...we can learn a lesson that will assure a happy and prosperous new year. How? By having our own "Year End Clearance Event." Want to know more? Read on!
James 4:8

Draw near to God and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, andpurify your hearts, you men of double mind.
Charles Fillmore: Prosperity

Another step in the demonstration of prosperity is the preparation of the consciousness to receive the increase. If we pray for rain, we should be sure that we have our umbrellas with us.

Just as the stores clean their shelves with a "Year End Clearance," we can do likewise...clearing the shelves of our lives. Each of us have old, worn out "stuff" in our minds, hearts and lives that we no longer need.

The perfect time to clear those "shelves" is the end of the year. Let "Out with the old, in with the new" be your year-end mission. They say "God hates a void" and will fill any void according to our consciousness. Let's make room in our lives for new good to manifest!

Let's take a look at 7 areas of our lives that could use a "year end clearance."

Spiritual  It is easy to let our lives fill with mundane thoughts, habits and activities that take us away from our spiritual life. Think about some of the ways that you may have cluttered your life and clear a space for God. You may want to create a "sacred space" in your home. Make it a quiet corner...maybe with a little table and lamp...a bookcase or shelf for your inspirational books and journal. As you clear space for God, "Make room for Abba," you make room for new good. Put God first in your life, and put good in your life.
Environment  For some of us, our homes have to be in such perfect order that we cannot feel comfortable and relax. For others the house has become so disorderly that we feel uncomfortable in our own home. We may fear that someone will stop by and we will be embarassed. Our home can be a sanctuary when we let go of everything that is not conducive to the peace and harmony we desire. If you have decor items, nik-naks, books, games, curtains, appliances, linens, ANYTHING that is not your hearts' desire, clear it out! Make room for new good. Want new clothes? Make room in your closet!
Personal         We all have dreams, desires and goals that are not yet realized. It's time to have a "Year End Clearance" in your personal matters. Replace unnecessary "have-to's" with long overdue "want-tos." If you have lost touch with your personal dreams, spend some time in your "sacred space" to reconnect with them.
Health  Our health is a precious gift. It is so easy to put health matters on the back burner...so busy earning a living that we do not take care of the vehicle through which we express life. You can have a "year end clearance" in your kitchen, removing any barriers to a healthy life, making room for new good in the form of energy, vitality, a clear and creative mind and general feeling of well-being. Clear some time for exercise and recreation...RE-creation, health and new life!
Finance We have more abundance in our lives than we are even aware of. The secret is in knowing not how to collect it, but how to circulate it. To change our prosperity consciousness, we can start by a year-end clearance of debt. Do whatever you can to pay overdue bills. If you have a friend or family member you owe money, pay them! If someone owes you money...(brace yourself)...forgive the debt. That's right! Holding thoughts of debt, lack and limitation can only bring more of the same. If you have saleable items that you don't want, need or use, sell them or give them away. Make room in your life for abundance! AND...make a plan for prosperity for the new year. Some call it a "budget," but in Truth you can make it a prosperity plan...a way of coming into alignment with the flow of giving and receiving and respecting the substance that you are blessed with.
Professional  What is your satisfaction level with your career or profession? Is it time for a year-end clearance? Do you need to clear some time, space of financial substance for education or experience? Clear out any "can't" thoughts. Clear up any issues with your boss or co-workers. If a new job has been on the back burner, bring it to the forefront and sincerely seek that new job or stop wasting energy thinking and talking about it.
Relationships  How true are the words "no man is an  island," and no woman is an island either! Much of the great satisfaction in life comes through our relationships, yet our relationships are so easy to take for granted. Unaware of the swift passage of time, we too soon realize that we have lost precious moments with those we love. Clear out your calendar to make room for friends, family, and love.
My New Year's wish for you is that every good thing you dream about and desire will manifest for you as you have a Year End Clearance...and make room for good!